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About Us

weHustle is an innovation platform. Our mission is to foster the highest quality pool of innovators in China. To achieve this, we connect like-minded professionals with international backgrounds who are passionate about innovation and technology in startups, scaleups, or corporates.  Essentially, the weHustle platform is designed to be an innovation and community building service that encourages entrepreneurship in China.
weHustle’s platform provides three main resources to assist in the growth of the entrepreneurship community. These are:
  1. job board to connect high quality talents with appropriate businesses, venture spaces and/or industry sectors. It’s comprised of a diverse pool of Chinese-English bilingual and foreign entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, designers, tech-savvy individuals and community builders.
  2. An events listing to connect with innovators and visionaries, participate in activities for hustlers and build knowledge of the industry. We allow professionals to share, find and attend events so that the innovation industry is brought together through live experiences.
  3. directory with an extensive list of startups, scaleups, and corporates to assist you in expanding your network. 


weHustle 的使命是培养中国最高质量的创新者人才库。为了达到这个目标,我们致力于连结志趣相投的国际创新爱好者们,并为充满热情的进取青年提供平台,让他们能够加速个人成长,并于其他创业者,成长企业以及大企业有机会进行对接。weHustle的本质是,在中国倡导创业精神,为国际创新社群提供服务的平台。


weHustle 平台提供三个主要资源,协助创业社群的发展: 

  1. 招聘信息板 – 连结高素质人才与相应的企业,投资空间和/或行业部门。其中包括多元化的各种中英双语人才,国际创业者,大企业创新者,设计师,技术高手,以及社群创建者。
  2. 活动信息板 – 连结创新者和梦想家,参与进取青年的各类活动,并一起积累更新行业知识。帮助专业人才去发现,参与以及分享各种活动,促使创新行业一直积极生动,不断更新迭代。
  3. 企业名录 – 包括初创团队,成长企业,以及大企业名单,为你拓展人脉而助力
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