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About Us

At weHustle, our mission is to foster the highest quality pool of innovators in China. In order to achieve this, we connect likeminded international professionals who are passionate about innovation. We provide a platform for hustlers, those who aim to accelerate their personal growth and build networks around startupsscaleups and corporates. Essentially, the weHustle platform is designed to be an innovation and community building service that encourages entrepreneurship in China.
weHustle’s platform provides three main resources to assist in the growth of the entrepreneurship community. These are:
  1. job board to connect high quality talents with appropriate businesses, venture spaces and/or industry sectors. It’s comprised of a diverse pool of Chinese-English bilingual and foreign entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, designers, tech-savvy individuals and community builders.
  2. An events listing to connect with innovators and visionaries, participate in activities for hustlers and build knowledge of the industry. We allow professionals to share, find and attend events so that the innovation industry is brought together through live experiences.
  3. directory with an extensive list of startups, scaleups, and corporates to assist you in expanding your network. 
Connecting Innovators
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