Shopify Virtual Hackathon 线上开发者大赛

Beijing | Posted: 26 june 2020, number: 14455
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Address: Beijing

  • Date: 3rd July 2020 to 5th July 2020 
  • Time: 10:00 - 20:30 
在Shopify,我们意识到我们需要创新的办法以便更好地协助和支持中国的商家,改善他们的用户体验并带动疫情后的商品销售。At Shopify, we realized the need for new innovative ways to better assist and support merchants in China to improve their experience and sales post-pandemic.同时,Shopify全球来自175个国家的百万商户的需求融汇到一起,就又为应用生态里的开发者带来了可观的营收,不计其数的创业团队通过开发Shopify应用实现了快速增长和盈利。More than one million Shopify merchants from 175 countries around the world have created lucrative income streams for developers in the app ecosystem. Countless businesses and agencies have achieved rapid development, in both scale and gross-revenue, by developing Shopify applications.此次大赛由AngelHack天使黑客协办。在本次大赛中,参与者将会参与到一场头脑风暴中,思考如何提高 Shopify 商店的转化率、提升用户体验以及如何打造商店品牌相关的解决方案。Therefore, we are inviting you to join us at our Shopify Virtual Hackathon, co-hosted by AngelHack, to create and innovate your own Shopify app, with a view to empowering Shopify Merchants throughout China. In this Virtual Hackathon, you will be challenged to present solutions on how you could improve store conversion rates, customer service, and the user experience for Shopify in China, as well as your overall ideas on how to build a better brand.Each Winning Team will bring home:1万元人民币现金奖励 // 10,000 RMB Cash PrizeShopify应用商店100美元代金券 // 100 USD Shopify App Store Credit ShopifyShopify商店相关应用发布的加速支持 // Expedited Support for Publishing their AppShopify官方微信推广宣传相关应用 // Shopify China Wechat Promotion for their AppLearn more & Register: