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18 january 2022

Dongsheng Cup Entrepreneurship Competition 2021

Beijing | Posted: 22 july 2021, number: 14760

Dongsheng Cup Entrepreneurship Competition 2021

22 july 2021 1022

Address: Haidian distr., Beijing

Address: Haidian distr., Beijing

  • Date: July - August 2021 


Dongsheng Cup International Entrepreneurship Competition is one of our core projects.

In 2021 International Entrepreneurship Competition together with Zhongguancun's own incubators and investment institutions will invite entrepreneurship mentors and entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurship guidance and share their knowledge for the participating projects.

Industries of focus for this year include hydrogen energy, digital economy and health care.

The competition is open to all entrepreneurs around the world (no registration fees).

Participating projects can get from 30 000 up to 1000 000 RMB (4700-160 000 $ US).

The roadshows will be conducted online.

Since 2013, Dongsheng Cup has attracted more than 10,000 outstanding entrepreneurship projects from China as well as from other countries. It has focused on more than 500 projects to follow up and incubate, providing a high-quality platform.

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  • Willy 11.08.2021, 23:42
    Very happy to participate to this competition for
    Olesia Advertiser 12.08.2021, 15:17
    Thank you, Willy! Wish you good luck in the competition!!!

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