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9 may 2020

Digital Marketing in China

Beijing | Posted: 11 november 2019, number: 13985

Digital Marketing in China

11 november 2019 380

Address: Beijing 北京朝阳工体北路四号院80号楼3层, show map

Address: Beijing 北京朝阳工体北路四号院80号楼3层,

  • Date: 19th November 2019 
  • Time: 19:00 - 21:00 


The Chinese internet ecosystem is often considered a "parallel universe". This leads to many challenges for Western companies and startups trying to do business in China - especially if it comes to advertising.

To overcome the fear of the unknown Chinese Digital Marketing ecosystem, we have decided to set up a speaker series focused on "Digital Marketing in China".

We are happy to invite you to our opening session next TUESDAY, 19th November 7:00 pm at the Tech Temple in Sanlitun.

Our Speaker Paul McNeill (Managing Partner at Resonance) who has more than 20 years of advertising experience in Asia will give us an introduction to the Chinese Digital Marketing landscape and is happy to answer your questions:

-Who are the key players in the Chinese Digital Marketing Space?

-Which platform is suitable for which kind of company?

-What are the main differences compared to the US/Europe?

We are looking forward to hosting you for a casual Tuesday night with Pizza, beer and great networking opportunities.

To learn more and Register, here:

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