Design Director (high-end home decoration)

Beijing | Posted: 8 november 2021, number: 14822
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Address: BeijingChaoyang distr.,

  • Employment: Full-time 
Design Director (high-end home decoration)Direct leader: C.E.O, DirectorSalary Range: Salary before tax 40K-60K
Regular benefits: 5+1 insurance and shall be paid according to national regulations, wedding and funeral benefits, gift cards for Mid Autumn and Spring festival, birthday gift card, afternoon tea break, etc
Location: Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District, BeijingJob description:
1. Understand the customer's intention, good communication with the customer, understand and have a clear insight into the customer's needs, give design proposals in combination with the actual situation, have new ideas in the overall design scheme, and can complete the conceptual scheme design independently;
2. Independent report on Scheme Design;
3. Grasp the creative direction, standard and progress of design according to customer requirements;
4. Self evaluate and improve the design scheme, control the design quality, project safety and practicality, and ensure that the design scheme can be approved by customers;
5. Check the quality of the overall design scheme in the early stages, effect drawing, construction drawing and other work quality control and improve and supervise the follow-up work such as material selection and supporting scheme;
6. Develop the project time schedule and control the time of each stage to ensure the project is completed on schedule;
7. Improve the process and materials, control the design cost and continuously improve the design level;
1. More than 10 years working experience in building decoration, interior design and interior decoration industry;
2. Design experience in tooling, commercial and public space, high-end home decoration, villa, etc., with successful design cases and good design style;
3. Bachelor degree or above, major in design or art, with good aesthetic foundation and excellent aesthetic ability;
4. Proficiency in various drawing software and office software;
5. Have prospect and creative thinking, unique design taste, clear design concept and distinctive style;
6. Strong creativity and implementable design scheme, controlling the whole process and grasping the final effect;
7. Good communication skills and strong scheme reporting ability to meet customer needs.