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17 may 2020

Machine Learning Engineer

Beijing | Posted: 19 november 2019, number: 14034

Machine Learning Engineer

19 november 2019 1798
  • Employment: Full-time 


Company Introduction

Founded by Harvard, MIT, and Tsinghua alumni and currently based out of The Enlightenment Star Incubator at Tsinghua University Science Park, Shang Jing is an AI-enhanced data analytics platform that serves KOL agencies in the China market. 

It helps content creators grow their influence and monetize faster through algorithmic models and predictive insights that it derives across a multitude of public and private data on social media platforms. 


Role responsibilities: 

1. Implement and evaluate various machine learning models to discover actionable insights from large amounts of social-media data. 

2. Work with backend engineers to define data requirements. 

3. Keep up with state-of-the-art techniques to improve model performances. 

4. Part of the work may require participation in various events / conferences.   


Job requirements: 

1. Pursuing a Bachelors / Masters / PhD in Computer Science or related field. 

2. Be able to implement appropriate models from research papers. 

3. Be familiar with popular machine learning and deep learning techniques and models (e.g. CNN, LSTM, GRU, attention-based mechanisms, word embeddings, etc.). 

4. Experience with NLP and / or recommendation systems. 

5. Experience with PyTorch and / or TensorFlow. 

6. Experience with computer vision is a plus. 



1. Join a team that will revolutionize the entertainment industry. 

2. Be part of a high-performing team in a flexible and fun working environment in ZhongGuanCun. 

3. If required, we can provide you with a Startup Visa. 


Work details: 

1. Flexible working hours. 

2. Can start as soon as possible. 

ShangJing Website:






1. 实施和评估各种机器学习模型,从大量社交媒体数据中发现可行的见解。               

2. 与后端工程师一起定义数据需求。               

3. 追踪最先进的技术,提高模型的性能。               

4. 参加各种活动和会议。 



1. 拥有计算机科学或相关领域的学士/硕士/博士。               

2. 能够从研究论文中实现合适的模型。               

3. 熟悉流行的机器学习和深度学习技术与模型(如CNN、LSTM、GRU、基于注意力的机制、单词嵌入等)。               

4. 具有NLP和/或推荐系统的经验。               

5. 有Pytorch和/或TensorFlow的经验。               

6. 有计算机视觉经验者优先。 



1. 参与一个致力于革新中国传统娱乐行业且有前景的团队。 

2. 享受自由灵活的清华科技园创业工作环境。。 

3. 如果需要,我们可以为您(外国人)提供创业签证 



1. 灵活且有弹性的工作时间 

2. 可以尽早入职 


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