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7 january 2019

Overseas Business Director at CCHAIN Technology

Beijing | Posted: 11 july 2018, number: 11244

Overseas Business Director at CCHAIN Technology

11 july 2018 191
  • Employment: Full-time 



Angel capital invested by Xinyuan Group, a NYSE-listed real estate developer and property manager primarily in China and recently in other countries, Cchain Technology is the first Block chain technology company with the honour of National High-tech Enterprise. It has 200 employees nowadays in China and is establishing the overseas team. With the mission of injecting power into traditional industry, based on our advanced closed source block chain tech, accompanied by the resources of Xinyuan Group, Cchain Technology deeply combines traditional industry with block chain technology, utilizes creative internet model, to make new exploration in block chain technology R&D, block chain business application and AI industry, creating an business environment with creative business model and deep technical involve. 

Overseas Business Director

Cchain has reached an agreement with Tsinghua PBCSF for financial strategic cooperative relations and has a close partnership with IBM, creating the world’s first blockchain powered real estate financial services platform.

CChain is now looking for a Senior Business Director to lead and develop their overseas expansion strategy in international markets.

Position Responsibilities:

Assist the CEO in formulating corporate business strategy planning, business team buildingand management.

Establish and manage the sales team, standardize the sales process, manage the team, control the sales costs, and improve overall financial performance.

Actively expand domestic and foreign markets, explore partnership opportunities, develop projects and maintain relationships with potential and existing partners. Assist in any implementation of partnership projects.

Lead the integration of domestic and foreign resources and evaluate any potential business opportunities overseas, produce regular analysis and reports for the CEO.

Help maintain international public relations and control the company’s public corporate image and press releases.

Position Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree and above with at least 2 years of work experience in an internet or tech related firm. Blockchain knowledge or familiarity is a plus.

Fluent in both Chinese and English, working proficiency/bilingual in business communication and negotiation.

Strong communication and collaboration skills, excellent market development and business negotiation skills.

More than 2 years' experience in business or sales department manager or higher position, relevant experience in business negotiation and team management, good personal sales performance and team sales record.

Able to be flexible about overseas business trips and can adapt to new environments and cultures quickly. Able to work in a predominately Chinese team and work environment.

For more information please click: or scan the QR code provided. 

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