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10-Day Cross-Cultural Startup Challenge

In any business setup, what can you learn in ten days?

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Not much. Or, quite a lot? It depends on the weight of your input, an experienced and open-minded mentor, time management skills, and team spirit. We did an experiment, and want to share with you what we’ve learned.

The program was designed to focus on the needs of university students and young professionals who are curious about the startup culture in general but don’t have the chance to learn about it up close.

In the first two weeks of June, we launched the 10-Day Cross-Cultural Startup Challenge and had the chance to work with a group of 4 individuals Yoyo and Jerry from China, William and Augustus, who are from Indonesia and Nigeria respectively. We were very lucky to have Fabernovel, the innovative French company, as our host company. The challenge they offered was a perfect one, with the right amount of difficulty to make it engaging and challenging, but also providing the participants with a solid footing to get started.

During the 10 days, we were there with the team and offered constant support and company. We also witnessed the team coming together when they first started as four total strangers, and trying different ways to tackle the challenge and figuring out how to work as a team efficiently and effectively. In the meanwhile, we also learned a lot and grew together with the team.

More preciously, we saw true team spirit and the highly positive result that came out of the ten days because of the fantastic team effort. In a short period of time, four strangers, from completely different cultural background and experience, overcame obstacles from all angles, and presented professional and valuable results to the host company. All participants wrapped it up with new knowledge and skills, a deeper understanding about the startup culture in general, and also, the friendship gained in this journey.

Applications for next batch are open.

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