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Co-working Space - naked Hub

The era of co-working in a shared economy

In a shared economy, does it make sense to work in a traditional way? Startups, freelancers, small & large companies all benefit from co-working by cooperating and sharing information and skills.

Co-working Space — naked Hub

2015 saw over 7,800 co-working spaces around the world, 510,000 people co-working, amongst which the needs in Asia are the most significant. Enter naked Hub.

1. Community grows your business

As the Bonapp! founder put it: starting a company is an insane idea, and also lonely. naked Hub is a diverse community that interacts, collaborates, and does business with one another.

2. Build your network — talent at your fingertips

Network is essential for startups. naked Hub offers an invaluable online-to-offline platform with a variety of lectures, openings and even wellness activities.

3. Flexibility — grow your workspace as your company grows

naked Hub has separate, independent and open spaces.

4. Economical- breeding ground for startups

naked Hub's free services: Wi-Fi, coffee, soft drinks, beer, printer, meeting rooms and cleaning every day equal cost savings. In addition, Hubbers (naked Hub member) can access all naked Hub locations and pay monthly with no deposit or lease term.

5. Ready with stuff you don't even know you need

naked Hub offers an online-to-offline platform, so our members can provide services to one another, including: HR, social security, legal consultation, medical consultation, media resources, and even hold events for startups.

naked Hub is work redesigned

Our innovative and beautiful workspaces are home to a diverse community of companies and individuals who interact, collaborate, and do business with one another.

Offering unprecedented freedom, financial flexibility, and an invaluable online-to-offline community, naked Hub is a platform designed to help start-up’s, SME’s and MNC’s across all industries, to increase their success in business.

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