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Taobao for the Rest of Us

Over the years, we have seen tremendous advancements in technology and this has led to some superb shopping websites. However, we have very quickly found that China seems to offer the best marketplaces with sites like Tmall and Taobao. For this reason, there is now a solution as Baopals takes all of the listings from these two sites and translates them into English. With over 800 million different products on offer, this unlocks the door and allows access to one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world.

Originally founded in Shanghai, the idea for the startup came from three best friends who wanted to remove the language barrier for the fantastic shopping sites. Since China had these superb outlets, they wanted to enable the English-speaking world to utilize the sites too. However, as the idea gained traction they then decided to go one step further and offer easy payment and delivery options to open up the Chinese market to the world.

When first hearing of this idea, the premise sounds great but you may question the execution. In truth, the platform has been created brilliantly and every item that is listed on Tmall or Taobao automatically shows up on Baopals. According to the websites in question, this means that 800 million items can be accessed in just seconds. Furthermore, other services like this are simply middlemen which is helpful but limited. Instead, Baopals has gone further by offering a more independent shopping experience.

Finally, the payment options are simple and universal with platforms such as Alipay, WeChat, and UnionPay available. With the language barrier in place, delivery and payment are two key downfalls that exist within the industry but Baopals has bridged this gap nicely!

How Baopals works

Step 1

Search for products in your language of choice, or browse Baopals’ departments to find virtually anything you need at the best prices imaginable.

Step 2

Choose what you want, how you want it. Baopals makes it easy for you to find your favorite products — local and foreign — from the most trusted sellers.

Step 3

Deliveries in China can be a pain! Baopals makes it as smooth as possible by coordinating with delivery providers when necessary, and giving you a choice between direct delivery or convenient pickup.

Step 4

Just by signing up, Baopals will give you 25 Rmb off your first Baopals order. It’s their way of welcoming you to your new go-to shopping platform.

Step 5

Pay conveniently and securely on mobile or PC with their easy payment options. All in English of course!

Step 6

Track your order with live English updates and enjoy your Baopals purchase!

Check out their website to get more information.

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