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Top Beijing Tech and Startup Communities That Help You Grow

In my last article, I made an overview of tech and entrepreneur communities in Shanghai. The Beijing ecosystem is a different beast. But still, every ecosystem has its players. In this article, I will put a list of tech and startup communities that are building a favorable environment for individuals and startups to thrive in the capital city of China.

Some communities like Startup Grid and AngelHack are global and have their presence not only in different countries but also cover multiple cities within one nation. On the contrary, many other smaller-scale communities can be found only in one particular place.

Startup Grind Beijing

Startup Grind Beijing is part of a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, & connect entrepreneurs. Startup Grind hosts monthly events in more than 500 cities and 125 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators & investors who share personal insights on the road to building great companies. In 2018, Startup Grind Beijing has been one of the most active chapters globally. We hosted over 50 events, in 37 different locations in Beijing, with over 70+ speakers and hosted nearly 12.000 attendees. Our Official WeChat Account is SG-Beijing.


We are a non-profit organization which empowers college students and career starters to nurture their talents, develop career skills, and build meaningful relationships through professional development programs and networking events. Since March 2017, our community has brought you 55+ workshops, job fairs and networking events equipping thou- sands of participants with transferable skills and knowledge.


For over six years, AngelHack and their nonprofit arm, Code For A Cause, has encouraged their diverse community of 150,000+ developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to become holistic and well-rounded hackers through programs that solve issues ranging from social impact to enterprise. Through these initiatives, AngelHack, a female-owned, female-majority company, aims to promote an inclusive environment and the creation of seamless technology both inside and out of the Silicon Valley bubble.

Ladies Who Tech

Ladies Who Tech was started by women who are in the STEM industries and believe in challenging the status quo by encouraging more women to assist and discover their potential in STEM. We want to raise awareness of the lack of women in the STEM industries and help companies to have more diversity.


EducateAI is an AI Consulting company dedicated to bringing the latest industry practices, skills and trends to the Asian business sector. We offer AI education to varying industry stakeholders and leaders through our workshops, community events and bootcamps.

Haidian Pioneer Park

Haidian Pioneer Park (HPP), the first non-profit incubator in Beijing, has incubated about 2,000 enterprises since 1989, with 24 of which listed on the stock market. Over the years, HPP has acquired significant resources and expertise in the tech field and has become the entrepreneurial hub for Chinese overseas returnees, as well as one of China’s leading national-level business incubators. Today, the Park is seeking to tailor its incubation ecosystem to provide more support to international talents, who are looking to start or develop their businesses in China.

She Loves Tech

She Loves Tech is the world's largest startup competition for women & technology. As a global platform, we are committed to building an eco- system for technology, entrepreneurship and innovation that creates opportunities for women. Our mission is to create and scale the best women-led and women-impact tech startups.


SegmentFault is a leading technology community and online learning platform for Chinese developers, it already has more than 3M active developer users! SegmentFault Team is also the largest hackathon organizer in China. IDG Capital and SAIF Partners、 China Renaissance Invested.

Vue Beijing

Vue Beijing is a grassroots organization born in Beijing to connect passionate developers to learn and grow together. The lack of communities around development in the city has inspired their founders to reach out and slowly build what they always felt was missing. Since their founding earlier this year, their goal has been to bring people from all walks of life together by championing the Vue.js framework and empowering a new generation of future creators.


DoraHacks is a global hacker community with active hackers in 15 cities in 8 countries in the world. DoraHacks is also the largest blockchain developer community in China with more than 20,000 developers participated in previous DoraHacks events. DoraHacks’ mission is to connect great companies with brilliant developers thus help companies directly recruit core developer talents or establish global developer communities.

Startup Weekend

In just 54 hours, you will experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. As you learn how to create a real company, you'll meet the very best mentors, investors, cofounders, and sponsors who are ready to help you get started. Your community is here to help you — find an event today!


R-Ladies is a global organization that advocates for gender inclusion within the R community. By creating a close-knit, safe environment through offline salons and mentorship, R-Ladies helps underrepresented minority genders develop their R programming skills and creates a more gender-inclusive R community.


NCSF is the largest European-Chinese nonprofit, startup & tech platform, led by Nordic- & Chinese students & entrepreneurs. Our mission is to inspire, connect & empower Nordic- & Chinese entrepreneurs- & businesses. By mobilizing entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, science parks, students & universities from our six countries. and elevate opportunities & actors, making them accessible for each other. enhancing their capacity to enter & operate together on each other’s markets & around the world in mutual partnership.

WeWork Labs

WeWork Labs is WeWork’s global innovation platform powering the next generation of industry transformation by helping startups and corporations create the future. Our Philosophy: Through our in-house early-stage startup program, corporate innovation team, and partnerships with universities, accelerators, incubators, and VCs, WeWork Labs builds and operates ecosystems of innovation around the world where creative ideas become scalable solutions. Our programs and services provide the community, education, connections, and mentorship to help anyone take the startup path and grow with us. Above all, we believe in humanizing the startup process, encouraging inclusivity and diversity, and connecting people to one another.


From the heart of YPARD (Young Professionals for Agricultural Development) as a movement, its members are encouraged to become active in their area, spread the news about YPARD to other young professionals, raise the voice of youth in their own organizations, share their views and ideas with other young professionals (YPs) within the network.It's a global networking platform hosted by GFAR, c/o FAO of UNs. We embrace all YPs who are interested in agriculture and nature would join at YPARD.

Beijing Foodies

Beijing Foodies is a platform to help people learn and connect through Knowledge and Friends. We are a group of young international professionals from technology, finance, design, and education industry. Our slogan is “Stay hungry, stay foolish” because we are all life-long learners.

ZGC Global Youth Lab

The Administrative Committee of ZGC Science Park and Innoway jointly launched the ZGC Global Youth Lab. ZGC Global Youth Lab is target- ed at international youth with the willingness of innovation and entrepreneurship in Chinese market and with the intention to come to China. It aims to attract more and more international talents to China by providing a series of service support through Innoway and by constantly upgrading and optimizing policies.

Hope it helps to navigate a bit faster within the Beijing ecosystem.

Is something missing? Feel free to add your community HERE, and I will update this list. Only tech and entrepreneur community please.

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