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#chinapitch is a series of elevator pitches where hustlers in China introduce themselves and their startups to the world. We film 60-second videos of you pitching your startup, to share across our social media platforms. While been mainly focusing on tech startups we still welcome less tech-savvy projects to pitch. 






Rebranded to EEXAR






Why Pitch?

  1. Join the network of fellow entrepreneurs to receive regular updates and invitations to upcoming pitch competitions, workshops, investor meetups, hackathons, etc.;
  2. Get exposure via weHustle social media channels: LinkedIn, WeChat, Tencent Video, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram;
  3. Get a company page set up on the weHustle website to hire your next team member or post an offline activity you are hosting;
  4. Improve your pitching skills. Give it a try and you will see how difficult it can be;
  5. Get feedback from a community of entrepreneurs and investors.



  1. The project must be based in China  
  2. Ongoing project, not an idea stage
  3. At least 2-3 people in a team
  4. Pitch is in English
  5. Be able to meet in person to shoot the video

Ready? APPLY


Find out HERE what else as a starup founder you can do on weHustle. 

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