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Business Development, Communications and Operations

Chongqing | Posted: 6 july 2020, number: 14461

Business Development, Communications and Operations

CQ Bright Ideas Consulting 6 july 2020 1004
  • Employment: Full-time 


As co-business manager, communications, and administrator/developer

Location: Chongqing, Must be located or relocate to Chongqing City.

Improve the overall service process and logic by directly interacting with business ecosystem players (investors, corporates, accelerators, incubators, mentors, legal advisors etc.) and startups. Collect feedback from the market and implement changes with our team. Develop new partnerships and clients and follow up with existing leads. Connect the dots in an ever changing and challenging market. Supervise and execute expansion plans for our partners and clients in Chongqing. Find ways to improve our startup, exceed in compliance solutions and challenge the way how we operate and think.

Who we are looking for:

A Chinese National who wants to grow with us together. A service-oriented mind who is fluent in Chinese and English. It’s absolutely important to be teachable, there’s a lot of concepts you will have to learn. Ability in understanding Chongqing culture and dialect. You should be pro-active, solution focused, a team player, strong in communication, extremely reliable and have ability to take ownership of tasks. Be ready at a moment's notice to seize opportunities and meet the demand for official business to be executed soundly.

A natural fascination for Innovation, Startups and Entrepreneurship. It would be best if you enjoy translation, communicating patiently with busy people and helping them find solutions. Even better if in addition you enjoy marketing and analyzing market patterns and putting plans into action. Perfect if you like nerdy things or a geek, but this is not a requirement.

Also having some knowledge or willingness to learn about how to do business matters and submit forms at government offices, report tax, online applications, answering calls. The assistant will have to do some official paperwork for our other foreign partnership companies too. Minimum commitment of at least nine months. Chongqing local preferred; business, translation, and law majors preferred. Should have general math skills and some accounting knowledge/ability. Prefer recent graduate, less than 2 years ago.

What we offer

Being part of a strong, motivated, visionary, and adaptable team and join in an exciting time of developing our business for better market fit. Insights into the art of community building and how all players coexist and support each other, and seek out innovation. In addition to the minimum allowance for government sanctioned holidays you get 10 additional vacation days. And provision of social security and medical insurance (社保)benefits.

Tools about growth hacking, lean startup and other concepts that startups need to know about. Daily exchange with top players in the Chongqing startup ecosystem and making connections that you can keep forever. Free access to startup events the entire time. A competitive internship salary and potentially a Job after your internship –depending on your performance and interest in our startups we are also interested in making you part of our family by giving you ownership. And in the meantime, opportunities for profit share in some profitable ad-hoc consulting projects.

In addition, you get free training, paid a commission for bringing in new business, opportunities to travel to Silicon Valley, Melbourne, London, and other startup hubs around the world, get to know our Chinese customers who are wealthy and international business people, and you can improve your English for free.

Depending on skill-set, experience, and motivation this job can take the form of an internship or appreticeship.

More about CBI in the photo below.

or check out our website:

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CQ Bright Ideas Consulting
Smoothly Start and Land Softly in China. We make it easy for Chinese businesses to start, explore, a...
nd grow in North American markets. In addition to soft-landing and capacity building services. We provide inter-cultural communication content and language fluency improvement services for professional, BD, story telling, UX, leadership, networking, events and overseas/cross-border applications and needs.
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