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We are operating an incubator/accelerator. Why should we use weHustle?

There are hundreds of incubators in China. However, only a few can host startups with international teams. At weHustle, we want to change this situation and make the whole ecosystem more connected and accessible.

  • Scout for startups. See who is active and who you can help! Need our help? Contact us!
  • Hire an employee. See more.
  • Check the upcoming events for meeting new startups.
  • Post events like workshops, conferences, and pitch competitions to tap into the pool of startups beyond your reach.
  • List your organization in the directory section, so you can be easily found by startups and partners.
  • Contribute to our resources section by sharing useful information for startups.

weHustle is a platform, both online and offline. We run a website, WeChat Official Account, email digest, and social media accounts LinkedIn and Facebook. To meet us face to face, join The Founders Breakfast and/or TECOM Conf.


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