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Asia and Oceania Regional Director

Nanjing | Posted: 6 february 2020, number: 14242

Asia and Oceania Regional Director

International Water Association 6 february 2020 3018
  • Employment: Full-time 




The International Water Association (IWA) is the largest and prominent international network of water professionals. Drawing exceptional professionals from 130 countries, the membership of the International Water Association brings together scientists, researchers, technology companies, and water and wastewater utilities, all working to address the world’s most urgent water challenges when and where they arise, covering all the perspectives of water cycle. The IWA has become an international reference and source of durable water solutions, products and services that are robust and flexible enough to be universally applicable, easily accessible, and locally adaptable. IWA has a worldwide staff with headquarters in London and offices in Nanjing, and Chennai. 

IWA’s 2019-2024 Strategic Plan includes the critical objective and strategic goal of “An engaged and balanced membership” - to increase the number of IWA members from under-represented regions, including from Asia, Africa and Latin America, by offering bespoke membership services and opportunities relevant to their regions and interests and develop bespoke membership services and engagement opportunities through a more customer-oriented service culture that better meets members’ needs and expectations. 

In order to better serve our members and partners from the regions and the globe, IWA established a new Global Operation Hub in Nanjing, China in 2018. In turn, IWA has registered a new entity “Nanjing IWA Science & Technology Co., Ltd.” to undertake businesses of the new Global Operation Hub. By building up units for event, incubation, learn and intelligence, IWA new Hub in Nanjing will accelerate innovation in the water sector and pragmatically reach water security and sustainability. 


Working within the IWA subsidiary Nanjing IWA Science & Technology Co. Ltd, the Asia & Oceania Regional Director is responsible for all aspects of membership development and engagement in the region as well, coordination of IWA’s regional activities, and dissemination.  The principal duties of this position include: 1) growing membership and ensuring the long-term retention of members; 2) developing effective approaches to build and maintain the network; and 3) and facilitating the transfer of knowledge from IWA and the international water community to the region and the local water communities. The director will report directly to the IWA Executive Director and the position will include membership of the senior management team with some general responsibilities for the association’s overall strategy and work planning; participation in the senior management team meetings; and attendance at the Board of Directors meetings when relevant. The director will also have oversight and responsibility for the South Asia unit working from the Chennai Office. 

1. Grow membership and ensure the long-term retention of members  

  • Develop and implement membership engagement strategies in the Asia & Oceania Region, through quantitative and qualitative market research and analysis which enable the assessment of market size and potentials 
  • Grow membership dramatically and engage members and partners pro-actively 
  • Key focus countries for membership growth include Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. 
  • Key focus countries for membership retention include Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore 
  • To identify representative water utilities/organizations in countries of the Region that have the potential to become corporate members, sponsors or partners of IWA. 
  • To identify opportunities to increase the visibility and influence of IWA members from the region 

2. Develop effective approaches to build and maintain the network 

  • Engage with and support the activities of IWA Governing Members in the region. 
  • Provide an effective channel of communications between IWA and (existing and prospect) members in the Region and ensure that their needs are serviced to the highest possible level 
  • Explore engagement opportunities with prospective members, including individuals, water utilities, water related associations/organizations and universities with water related programs. Collect information (such as size, name of programs, focused areas/topics etc.) that can contribute to membership growth and engagement.  


3. Facilitate the transfer of knowledge from IWA and the international water community to the region and the local water communities. 

  • Identify and exploit possible channels and platforms (online & offline communities and magazines, websites, social media groups etc.) that can facilitate the work of increasing visibility of IWA brand and membership in the Region 
  • Provide knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by or the best practice experience of the local water professionals from their region to IWA and the global water community 

The above job description contains the main duties and responsibilities for this position. However, in a small organization such as IWA, the staff members are expected to show flexibility in their approach to work and be willing to undertake other tasks and missions that are reasonably allocated to them but which are not part of their regular job description. Where any task becomes a regular part of an employee’s responsibility, the job description shall be revised in consultation with the employee and their direct line manager. 


Skills & Knowledge 

• Well-developed communication and interpersonal skills, including demonstrable ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing (in English) 

• Professional knowledge on water and environment 

• Highly organised and methodical 

• Self-starter, action-oriented and results driven 

• Ability to work to deadlines and cope with pressure, multi-task, demonstrate flexibility 

• Flexible team player, with awareness of, and sensitivity to the multi-cultural and international environment in which the IWA operates. 

• Mastery of English is essential, and working knowledge of other languages form the region is desirable. 


• Bachelor degree in relevant areas (e.g. water or environment, business management) 


Experience Required 

• 8+ years’ relevant working experience. 

• Bachelor degree is necessary.

• Good experiences working with C-level executives in the water sector 

• Experience of and/or involvement in (international) events (e.g. workshops, conferences, etc.) 

• Preferably with strong international connections from the water sector 

• Preferably with membership community engagement experience and relationship management. 


Opening Date for Applications: 01/20/2020 

Closing Date for Applications: 03/20/2020 

Applicants are asked to submit their CV in English and a supporting letter of motivation along with the names and contact details of two referees.  


IWA is an equal opportunity employer.  


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International Water Association
The International Water Association is an open, yet ordered platform in which both innovators and ad...
opters of new technologies and approaches can generate creative friction. It is a place for diffusion, benchmarking and evidence. Our programmes develop research and projects focused on solutions for water and wastewater management; we organise world-class events that bring the latest science, technology and best practice to the water sector at large; we work to place water on the global political agenda and to influence best practice in regulation and policy making; and we do this via the IWA’s global membership.
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