Build a Modern Data App - Powered by DataStax

Remote Position | Posted: 2 august 2021, number: 14770
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  • Date: 3, September, 2021 
  • Time: 8:30pm UTC +5.30 | 10pm UTC +8 
Build a Modern Data App is a 3-day virtual hackathon that aims to bring together developers, designers and entrepreneurs across the globe, to use their skills to build the next cloud-native application that leverages DataStax’s Astra DB and potentially become a unicorn.We challenge you to create impactful projects using Astra DB as your backend.There are no limitations on the themes or sectors that you can choose. No limitations on the programming languages you can use to build your apps.All you have to do is have Astra DB as your backend.With up to USD $26,000 of prize money to be given away, to the top 3 winners earning a spot in DataStax's *Incubator Program* and even a chance for a Raffle Winner walking away with a SWAG Box worth USD$250 — we've got so much to offer.