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Project Manager (Location: Singapore) 项目经理 (地点:新加坡)

Remote Position | Posted: 18 december 2020, number: 14615

Project Manager (Location: Singapore) 项目经理 (地点:新加坡)

Digitwin Technologies 18 december 2020 1836
  • Employment: Full-time 


I Pre-sales 售前支持

1. Lead pre-sales consulting, requirements clarification, solution proposal, and bidding document and collaborate with Business Development Managers to secure business opportunities in a smart city or smart factories.

负责客户售前咨询工作、需求调研,售前方案编写与及项目投标文件,配合 BD 赢得智慧城市和智慧制造有关应用的商机。

2. Support marketing, product development, and Business Units to conduct market survey, timely

feedback customer needs, competition, and market trends therefore the company can design, develop products & solutions efficiently and continuously improve them.


II Project Management 项目管理

1. Define the project plan, identify risk and risk migration actions, Responsible for project management systems and documentation throughout the execution


2. Coordinate with clients, internal and other stakeholders, lead the project team to deliver the project on-time, in high-qualify, and within budget.


3. Train and care for clients on technical operations throughout the lifecycle


Requirement 职位要求:

1. Personal Core: Self-driven, ambitious, and practical. Open mind & Fast learning. English & Chinese bilingual preferred. Excellence in communication, influencing, and teamwork. Resilient, adaptive, and thrive in front of challenges and adversities.

核心素质:有较强的自我激励、进取心,务实能力。思维开放并快速学习, 中英文双语者优先考虑。具备优秀的沟通,影响力和团队合作。具备抗压及韧性、灵活应变,在挑战或受挫中成长成功。

2. Technical skill:Familiar with 3D modeling with various type of GIS/CAD/BIM files & simulations, 3D engines such as Unity 3D, Unreal, and IoT. Knowledge in VR/AR, C programming, and PLS/DCS/MES/MAS systems & integrations. Software development experience is a plus.

技术能力:熟悉各类三维模型与仿真、通用三维引擎(Unity,),物联网。了解 VR/AR、C 语言编程、PLS/DCS/MES/MAS 等系统及集成。有软件开发经验者优先。

3. Industrial background: Experience in city planning, transportation/mobility management, seaport/airport management, utilities such as water, electricity, security & emergency management, and other public facilities & services. Alternatively, understand the process, production, control, simulation and management system in Process and Discrete industries. Experience in smart plant or digital transformation projects.


4. Qualification: IT, Automation, engineering education, MBA/Master, Certified Project Manager preferred。


Company Introduction 公司简介

Digitwin Technologies ( is a high-tech company dedicated to the field of real-time 3D human-machine interaction based on our core competence in spatial computing technologies. We provide innovative & high-quality digital twin products, solutions, and services for our customers in Smart Cities and Smart Manufacturing.

Headquartered in Shanghai, Digitwin Technologies has branch offices in Beijing, Zhejiang,

Jiangsu, Henan, Russia, Singapore, and Silicon Valley to establish a global product development & service network, catering to the fast-growing demands for value-added digitalization solutions.

孪数科技有限公司(是一家以空间计算为核心技术,专注实时的三维人机交互领域的高科技型企业,为智慧城市、智慧工厂客户提供创新的、优质的数字孪生产 品、解决方案及相关服务。



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Digitwin Technologies
上海孪数科技有限公司(Digitwin Technologies),是致力于三维仿真领域的科技型企业。基于对硬件的底层的深度理解,凭借照片级视觉渲染力的优势与对特大空间场景的仿真开发能力,结合人工智能...
、大数据、GIS、BIM、传感等技术为智慧城市、航空航天、海洋海事、工业制造、教育培训等行业客户提供优质的虚拟仿真和数字孪生的解决方案与软件产品。 孪数科技在上海、北京、厦门、深圳、新加坡等地设立分公司,建立完整的服务网络,可快速响应业务需求与技术支持。合作客户类型广泛,涵盖政府部门、重点高校院所、上市公司、高新企业等,并且已与中国科学院、上海交大、清华、武大吉奥、鲁班软件、中航工业、山东半岛蓝色经济区等伙伴结成紧密的战略联盟。
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