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3 january 2021

Meet funding provider in person! Scale your business across China!

Shanghai | Posted: 7 july 2020, number: 14464

Meet funding provider in person! Scale your business across China!

7 july 2020 2651
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» Caobao Road | 漕宝路

Address: Vanke Xuhui Center, 3F Room. 0302 building G, 9335 Hu Min Road Shanghai, Xuhui distr., Shanghai 上海市徐汇区沪闵路9335号徐汇万科中心G座3楼0302室, show map

Address: Vanke Xuhui Center, 3F Room. 0302 building G, 9335 Hu Min Road Shanghai, Xuhui distr., Shanghai 上海市徐汇区沪闵路9335号徐汇万科中心G座3楼0302室,

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» Caobao Road | 漕宝路
  • Date: 21,7,2020 
  • Time: 4:00pm 


Do you want to have a chance to show your project to others?

Do you want to seize the chance to gain investment?

Now kudosbay provide you a relaxed environment with tasty desserts and wine to meet the funding provider in person!


3:30-4:00 Sign in & fill in the information

4:00-5:15 Speaker, open dialogue, Q&A

5:15-6:00 Wine tasting by BottlesXO (a 5 year+ foreign china enterprise)


You will fill in a form about your project (name, Expected investment amount, introduction, logo, pics and etc.)

We will put your information in an article on our official account and website for seeking business cooperation and opportunities.

Hope to help you more with your business~

About the main speaker——Scott

Scott Douglas Williams 魏连晟

GENERAL MANAGER, TOJOY Capital Holdings Global Growth Development


Chair & Founder, Board Member, China USA Investment Committee;

Prior Vice President American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai;

Scott Douglas Williams has lived in Japan, and Greater China for the past 30 years. Scott has a Master’s Degree in International Management (MIM) from the American Graduate School of International Management (“Thunderbird” which is now part of the Arizona State Knowledge Center in Tempe,Arizona), and has an undergraduate degree in business (B.S. Finance) from the University of Oregon. Since 2016, Scott D. Williams has been Chair of the China USA Investment Council Committee “USCIC” in Shanghai (prior name as Invest USA Committee) which facilitates and promotes investment into U.S. and other global projects. In 2019 Scott served as the Interim Transitional CEO and Board Member of Stan Lee’s POW “Purveyors of Wonder” Entertainment company in Beverly Hills, California.

About the funder platform——TOJOY

TOJOY is a global holding company based in Beijing with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, New York, Paris, Vienna and multiple other locations around the world. Tojoy Capital Holdings represents over 700,000 active investors looking for interesting projects across technology, brick and mortar retail, entertainment, on-line off-line internet 4.0, and franchising with the aim at turning “ants to elephants” with focus on early unicorn potential companies. Scott is based in Shanghai and has ToJoy project clients in the USA, Europe and Australia.

About the wine supplier——BottlesXO

BottlesXO is not only a wine ordering platform, but a FULLY INDEPENDENT 1-STOP CULTURAL EXPERIENCE COMMUNITY that connects consumers vertically with exceptional producers. We provide selected cost-effective wine, craft beer and spirits. In addition, we provide meticulous and professional food pairing recommendations. In Shanghai, Suzhou and Hong Kong, we deliver instantly (average 29 minutes) with no delivery fee. Engaging our own drivers can deliver to anywhere you want to enjoy a good and chilled wine, opening completely new possibilities. We deliver our wines ready to drink to the office, into a restaurant, a park, a rooftop and even to your home. Join in BottlesXO community through public accounts and groups, you can also acquire wine tasting skills, wine knowledge, and wine culture information.

Are you interested in our event? Scan the QRCODE in the poster and sign up for it!

We are waiting for you!

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