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7 july 2020

Outstanding Economic Zone Award 2019 at G60 Forum

Shanghai | Posted: 9 january 2020, number: 14218

Outstanding Economic Zone Award 2019 at G60 Forum

9 january 2020 186
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» Caobao Road | 漕宝路

Address: Vanke Xuhui Center, 3F Room. 0302 building G, 9335 HuMin Road, Shanghai 徐汇万科中心G座, show map

Address: Vanke Xuhui Center, 3F Room. 0302 building G, 9335 HuMin Road, Shanghai 徐汇万科中心G座,

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/ Line 12
» Caobao Road | 漕宝路
  • Date: 6,1,2020 
  • Time: Morning 


On the morning of 6th Jan, 2020, the high-level Yangtze Delta G60 business forum 2019 was held in the national-level Shanghai Songjiang Economic & Technological Development Zone and national-level Shanghai Songjiang Tariff-free Zone. Deputy Secretary Chen Xiangming, the Director of Songjiang Standing Committee Tang Haidong, the CPPCC Chairman of Songjiang Liu Qilong, Deputy District Long Wanli attended the forum. Hosted by Deputy District, Chen Xiaojun.  

The forum fully implemented the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress. Deputy Secretary Chen Xiangming, said that Songjiang has always been a leader in the national strategy of developing the integration of the Yangtze river delta. He hopes our entrepreneurs take the historical opportunities, maintain the momentum, follow Xi’s instructions of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, be a competitor who aspires to be successful, make contribution to promote the development of Yangtze river delta G60 together.

Professor Chen, the Chairman of Kudosbay, was invited to speak in the forum.  

He expressed his appreciation to the committee of Songjiang economic development zone, for their implementation of Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Committee Li qiang’s suggestions,“ open our minds, think outside the box, approach problems from unique insights”. “be creative”,”be distinctive”,”be proactive””be problem-solver". He attributed Kudosbay’s achievements to the extensive ongoing support from all the departments of our government.

He also stated that Kudosbay as a public service platform, will always put our country's interest first, maintain a high standard of professional ethics and professional service. Be responsible for our country, for our customers,and our enterprises. 

Afterwards, the Awards from the management committees of Shanghai Songjiang Economic & Technological Development Zone and Shanghai Songjiang Tariff-free Zone for the 2019’s Best Enterprises and Individuals were announced in the forum.

Shanghai Kudosbay International Service Trade Zone was awarded “ Outstanding Economic Zone in 2019 ”!

For this honor, Kudosbay is truly grateful and proud.

We appreciate the serious recognition from our government, this award will encourage and motivate us to do our best in future. In 2020, we will further expand our business, expect to serve more than 1,500 foreign-owned enterprises. We will follow the Secretary of CPC Shanghai Li qiang's instructions from the first quarterly work conference of Shanghai municipal committee CPC on 3th Jan,2020: "We will design strategy based on case to case study, tackle problems with more specific approaches, work effectively and efficiently. Maintain the momentum of foreign investment growth.”

While maintaining a rapid increase in quantity, we will make greater breakthroughs in quality as well. While helping foreign businessmen to start businesses, helping them develop organically; To guide and promote more foreign enterprises to participate in the integration of the Yangtze river delta and the construction and development of the G60 science and innovation. Bear in mind our original intention, gather foreign enterprises to promote the supply-side reform, make the path of One Belt and One Road smooth. Be integrity and advance, gradually achieve the goal of becoming the largest industrial cluster of international service provider in China and even the world. 

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