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13 july 2020

Vice Governor of Songjiang District Chen Xiaojun visits Kudosbay

Shanghai | Posted: 15 january 2020, number: 14227

Vice Governor of Songjiang District Chen Xiaojun visits Kudosbay

15 january 2020 181
Line 9
» Songjiang Xincheng | 松江新城

Address: Songjiang distr., Shanghai

Address: Songjiang distr., Shanghai

Line 9
» Songjiang Xincheng | 松江新城
  • Date: 14,1,2020 
  • Time: afternoon 


On the afternoon of January 14th, Chen Xiaojun, Vice Governor of Songjiang District visited Kudosbay. The head of Kudsobay, Gary, received Chen Xiaojun and reported Kudosbay’s work.

Chen Xiaojun fully affirmed the work of Kudosbay and expressed the support from Songjiang government office.He said, “it wasn’t easy for Kudosbay to start from scratch to now a team with nearly 40 employees to serve for 900 enterprises.” He expressed the congratulations for this achievement and continued, “Songjiang is Kudosbay’s permanent home, the economic zone of Songjiang will provide ongoing support and help for Kudosbay, will always give Kudosbay a hand when it’s in need. If there are some problems about sites, we will try our best to find the most convenient and suitable place; we hope our foreign companies will stay in Songjiang when they become bigger and stronger; when they are in need, Songjiang will always be their first choice. Wish a very happy new year for Kudosbay! I see a very motivated and passionate team!”

Kudosbay is humbled and grateful for this great encouragement. Gary expressed his deep gratitude on behalf of Kudosbay and said, “We’ll continue our efforts, live up to what everyone’s expectations.”

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