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1 december 2019

Mind The Gap: Creative Solutions for Bridging the Cultural Gaps

Shanghai | Posted: 4 june 2019, number: 13484

Mind The Gap: Creative Solutions for Bridging the Cultural Gaps

4 june 2019 407
Line 7
» Changping Road | 昌平路

Address: Shanghai

Address: Shanghai

Line 7
» Changping Road | 昌平路


The unknowingly vast chamber of differences between cultures has always set apart our perspectives and behavior. Only through study and experience do we start to begin to fathom the intricacies that define what is socially acceptable. We casually distinguish the East and West in our daily lives, but how do we link them together?

The 20th Madness brings to you Adan Kohnhorst, Yoky Yu, and Michael J. Rosenthal whose projects and experiences will give you creative solutions for bridging cultural gaps. Speakers will not only give their talks but also give a demonstration of what they have accomplished

Details of the event:

19:00 - 19:30 Registration

19:30 - 20:55 Keynotes and Q&A

20:55 Creative Mingle


Michael J. Rosenthal: Chairman and businessman.

Yoky Yu: Life artist. She writes, paints, and facilitates workshops.

Adan Kohnhorst: Associate Editor of Radii

Description of the venue:

The new Arch by Tastebuds has a bold concept bringing together a mix of Chinese and Italian elements to make something new. With a blend of unique drinks and foods from both Italy and China, the bar contrasts from the casual Shanghai bar scene. Divided into 3 parts, Aperitivo, Long Bar, and the Lab, it is an evolving concept that will improve using research and experiments by its chefs and mixologists.


100 RMB Presale

130 RMB at Door

Includes 1 Free drink

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