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23 january 2022

Retro LAN Party XI

Shanghai | Posted: 27 july 2021, number: 14767

Retro LAN Party XI

27 july 2021 315
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» Yishan Road | 宜山路

Address: Panyu Road 1199, Building 9, Xuhui distr., Shanghai

Address: Panyu Road 1199, Building 9, Xuhui distr., Shanghai

Line 3
/ Line 4
/ Line 9
» Yishan Road | 宜山路
  • Date: 14/08/2021 
  • Time: 12pm 


After a wild success of the past 10 parties that we had in the last a few months and the resounding response and requests for more...We are thrilled to announce Retro LAN Party XI on Saturday, August 14th 

We welcome all age-range gamers!

What is on the menu this time:

CS 1.6, QUAKE III ARENA, Starcraft, Total Annihilation, Age of Empires, Minecraft, Call of Duty, PES, Tekken

# Free flow of pizza, large choice of Belgium beers and super-fast internet, Agora Space got you covered.

# Bring out the hard-core gamer in you as you have fun at the bunker with friends in the midst of your work schedule with a wide range of LAN games!


12:00 Check-in

12:15 Networking and pizzas

12:30 Gaming

19:00 Networking and pizzas

00:00 End of games 


Twelve square meters brewing -Shanghai - produce and promote more traditional Belgian style beers

Twelve square meters started at 2017, in a 12m*12m micro brewery, the focus and goal is to keep producing quality beers. They aim to produce and promote more traditional Belgian style beers mix with modern elements.

Highlite - lifts you up with goodness, bubbles, and natural caffein.

Highlite is a sparkling Yerba-Maté beverage with a healthy dose of natural caffeine. The story of this drink started at a kitchen table in one of the most futuristic cities in the world: Shanghai. Fast-paced city life made us live in the future, instead of the now. 

Random Encounters Shanghai - meet, greet and challenge fellows games lovers in Shanghai

The Shanghai games industry meetup. If you're in the gaming industry, interested in the gaming industry, come and grab a drink with your fellow industry folk. Random Encounters is true to its name; there are always new and random folk to meet and have a good time with. Find more on Facebook

Clan - discover city, save money, meet friends

Clan is the best community for youngsters in Shanghai. Young professionals, students, lovers of food and culture-- CLAN can help you discover the city, save money, and meet friends.

MUTE Garage - why buy, when you can rent?

MUTE's global mission is to fight climate change by reducing carbon emissions with our green, environmentally friendly electric vehicles (EVs).Our aim is to replace over 130 million gasoline powered mopeds and cycles worldwide in Asia.In China they offer E-Bikes as an easy way for riders to transition to a high-tech alternative to the millions of lead acid E-bikes on the roads -and overcome customers’ concerns about new bike technologies and battery life.

Expat Gamer - top-notch community for English speaking gamers in China

Expat Gamer's community was started back in February 2020 by one person named Berkan after he released the iconic guide called “How to reduce ping in China (UU Guide)”.

If you are looking for a gaming family of 3000+ like-minded, Expat Gamer is the way to go!Daily news, videos, guides and WeChat MiniProgram to be released soon!


Agora Space - vibrant co-working and community space with #1 internet speed in Shanghai

Agora Space is an international co-working office located in Xuhui district, Shanghai. We are engineers, makers, traders, designers, and entrepreneurs working as freelancers or running startups or businesses.

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