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TekrHub | OpenDrink 001: AI & Big Data

Shanghai | Posted: 23 march 2021, number: 14684

TekrHub | OpenDrink 001: AI & Big Data

weHustle 23 march 2021 1938

Address: The Park Tavern, Shanghai 上海徐汇区衡山路840号, show map

Address: The Park Tavern, Shanghai 上海徐汇区衡山路840号,

  • Date: 26.3.2021 
  • Time: 7-10 pm 


This coming Friday, OpenTEKr is hosting its first TekrHub networking event for the wider scope of the technology community. It's a series of biweekly meetups with rotating themes covering anything from AI and Big Data to blockchain and fintech to IoT and hardware. 

本周五,为扩大技术社群的交流,OpenTEKr 将举办其首次 TekrHub 线下自由交流活动。TekrHub 将是每两周定期举办一次,我们也将从AI、大数据、区块链、金融科技、物联网以及开放硬件等主题中挑选出一到两个主题,进行或深或浅的交流。

Join us on Friday to meet other nerds, tech-savvy individuals, technology enthusiasts, and industry experts to discuss challenges and opportunities, share your story, learn from others and simply have fun over a drink or two. 

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