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5 march 2022

China Startup Ecosystem Summit

Shanghai | Posted: 6 september 2021, number: 14795

China Startup Ecosystem Summit

6 september 2021 325

Address: Bldg 16, No. 1036 Tianlin Rd, Minhang, Shanghai 上海闵行区田林路1036号科技绿洲三期16号楼, show map

Address: Bldg 16, No. 1036 Tianlin Rd, Minhang, Shanghai 上海闵行区田林路1036号科技绿洲三期16号楼,

  • Date: 29,10,2021 
  • Time: 10:30-17:00 


Creating a Sustainable Future

It's been a period of challenges globally. Many industries, organizations, individuals have had to adapt, but have done so at an amazing speed. Moving from response and recovery to reform, we see different ecosystem players coming together to tackle long-standing issues, refocus businesses, look at things unimaginable before, creating a sustainable future.



近期对全球各地是个有挑战的时期。不同的行业,组织与人都不得不适应和调整,但也以惊人的速度调整了。从响应和恢复到改革,我们看到不同的生态中的参与者齐聚一堂,解决长期存在的问题,重新聚焦业务方向,审视以前难以想象的事情,创造个可持续的未来 。

On Oct 29, 2021, Startup Grind will team up with Caohejing Innovation Center, leading communities, VCs, MNCs, and of course startups, to look at how China's startup ecosystem is creating a sustainable future. 

2021年10月29日,Startup Grind 将联合漕河泾科技创业中心、各大活跃并领先的初创社区、创投基金、跨国企业,及众多初创企业来看看中国初创生态圈如何创造一个可持续的未来的。

Time & Venue 时间地点

October 29th, Friday, 10:30am - 5pm

@Caohejing Oasis 科技绿洲

Bldg 16, No. 1036 Tianlin Rd, Minhang


Early Bird Ticket ¥60 before Sep 15th

At Door ¥150, scan to register!


China Startup Ecosystem Summit 2021 will feature 10 cutting-edge technology startups. Each startup will have a stand to showcase its solutions to 300+ attendees.

Requirements for startups: industrial IoT, AIoT, sensors, hardware, devices/wearables, connectivity, 5G, cloud. 

Apply before Sept 19th.





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