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20 november 2019

Made in Italy Shanghai Edition - Personal Invitation & RSVP

Shanghai | Posted: 24 may 2019, number: 13458

Made in Italy Shanghai Edition - Personal Invitation & RSVP

24 may 2019 833

Address: First floor IPOclub, No. 77, Zhengxue Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, Yangpu distr., Shanghai 上海市杨浦区政学路77号 InnoSpace旗舰,一楼IPOclub, show map

Address: First floor IPOclub, No. 77, Zhengxue Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, Yangpu distr., Shanghai 上海市杨浦区政学路77号 InnoSpace旗舰,一楼IPOclub,

  • Date: 14, 06, 2019 
  • Time: 10:00 - 17:00 


On Friday, the 14th of June 2019, in collaboration with AngelVest, The Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai, The European Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) and the Shanghai Technology Innovation Center, and InnoSpace, iStarter will host the Second Chinese Edition of Made in Italy; 5 selected projects will present to an audience of prominent Chinese Institutional Investors during a dedicated closed-door session and will offer the opportunity to meet the CEOs in separate one-to-one meeting sessions.


Please click the link to  sign up 请点击链接进行报名链接



● PITCH ON STAGE TOP QUALITY SCALE-UPS representing the BEST ITALIAN VENTURES include Information Technology (AI, IoT, smart appliances), Robotics (AI, machine learning), Financial Technology (FinTech) WITH A CAPITAL RAISE up to €10M


● A DAY OF NETWORKING & ONE TO ONE MEETINGS An AGENDA is provided for 1:1 MEETINGS to ENTREPRENEURS and INVESTORS based on their shared common interests of a private meeting

● DIANA KAM, Venture Partner, Decacorn Capital & Leadership Committee, AngelVest will host the event as master of ceremony


• 经过层层筛选,一批优秀的扩张期公司将上台路演。行业涵盖了信息技术(人工智能,物联网,智能装备),机器人(人工智能,机器学习),以及金融技术(金融科技)等领域。目前,这些意大利顶尖企业筹集的资金总额已达1000万欧元。

• 来自亚洲和欧洲的杰出投资商和天使投资人将汇聚一堂

• 活动当天,不仅可以互建社交网,还可以进行一对一的对接。在活动中,根据企业家和投资人的共同志趣,我们将为双方安排一对一的私密会谈。

• DIANA KAM, Venture Partner, Decacor Capital & Leadership Committee, AngelVest将作为司仪联合主办本次活动。


We are honor to announce the 5 Italian Ventures Participants



Spot the future from a universe of human-created insights turning daily life into alternative asset classes.

Kellify is a venture-backed FintTech startup closing the gap between people and finance, using Al to turn daily life into alternative asset classes.

Kellify enhances the way of worldwide transactions be made: our technology is applicable whenever daily life decisions have to be taken generating first a valuation, then a transaction(e. g. insuring a vessel, investing in real estate, buying an artwork or a fine wine, establishing a stock target price, etc.).





Their services, named"Virtual Retail", aims to accelerate the transformation of the industry towards a personalized, direct to consumer, customer-pull approach, enhancing the customer’s virtual shopping experience and optimizing the Virtual Retail value and service delivery chain.

ELSE CORP offers B2B2C solutions for 3D based Mass Customization to fashion brands, retailers, manufacturers and designers; using E.L.S.E., a Cloud API Platform, powered with Al, machine learning and deep learning, puts together the front-end retail processes such as 3D product personalization and virtual commerce, with a cloud-based back-end processes like virtual fitting and order generation for smart hybrid manufacturing.

The startup is committed to creating value not only for the market but also for society by redefining the Value Chain for the fashion industry through Applied Research.

ELSE CORP relies on open innovation and collaboration with industry leaders to develop innovative sustainable, transparent and traceable business processes and Distribution Models through market trials.


ELSE CORP 为时尚品牌、服装制造商、零售商、设计者提供基于3D的批量定制B2B2C解決方案。通过E.L.S.E.云平台,采用1技术、机器学习、深度学习,将诸如3D产品个性化、虚拟商务等前端零售过程整合起来,采用基于云的后端过程,诸如虚拟试衣、订单生成,从而实现智能混合制造。


EISE CORP相信,通过开放式创新、与行业领先者协作,及经过市场检验,能够开发出全新的、可持续的、透明及可追潮的商业过程和分销模式。


The world leader in adaptive-media technology.

According to recent studies, only 9% of Digital-Ads are viewed more than 1 second, 60% of clicks on mobile banners are accidental, 22% of desktop video is viewed by fraudulent traffic and fake impressions are a major problem.

My vision has been to research, develop and build a disruptive innovative new format of media called MorphCast, a patented technology that combines a neural network Al engine with a new HTML5 player capable of assembling content based on viewer’s parameters measured through the camera of the mobile phone or PC i.e. age, gender, head position, emotions, 40+ features. Morphcast discloses a whole new dimension in digital communication enabling to design media that adapts in real-time to the viewer, driving attention and engagement.

A disruptive innovation in digital advertising, it allows creation of customized messages without the need of customer profiling(GDPR compliant) while certifying a real user view logged into a blockchain. 



我的日标是研究、开发并创建破坏性创新媒体形式,做 Morphcast。它是专利技术,将神经网络AI引与新的HTML5播放器进行整合,能根据通过手机或电脑摄像头潮量到的浏览者参数,即年龄、性別、头部位置、情绪等40多个特征进行内容整合Morphcast发现了数字传播的一个崭新纬度,能设计对测览者进行实时调整的媒体,提高关注度和参与度。



Next-generation Biometrics

Orway was established as a visionary response to the market’s need for a biometric authentication technology that is characterized by strong anti-spoofing protection and the highest level of identification.

An early start gave Orway an important advance of 2 to 3 years to stay ahead of competitors. Enormous and unique expertise allows a response to other ongoing requests of the biometric market for new products and thus diversifies what Orway has to Offer. 





Innovative Vascular Devices for varicose veins treatment.

The Company will produce an innovative device(catheter and handpiece)for the minimally invasive endovascular treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs using the sclerotherapy method (chemical ablation).

Thanks to the structural and functional characteristics (patented) of the device it will be possible to standardize the treatment of all types of varicose veins(from small 4 mm, to giants of 20 mm diameter)with a single device. 

The device will also allow the recovery of the drug eliminating the side effects related to the spread of the drug, as well as an absolute control of the whole therapeutic process now impossible with the current methods. The treatment will be carried out under local anesthesia, with a reduced intervention time, without hospitalization and without convalescence.

The medical device will allow to carry out the treatment guaranteeing a better and standardized result, with a fast learning curve. The specialist will be offered an innovative, high-performance, safe, versatile, fast and easy to use tool. The device will be a single use with a really competitive cost. 








10:00 - 10:30

Registration and Welcome Coffee



10:30 - 10:35

Welcome speech by organizer



10:35 - 11:10

Panel Discussion


Diana Kam, Decacorn Capital,

Venture Partner at Decacorn Capital/AngelVest leadership team & Moderator of the event Shanghai 2019

投资伙伴/天使谷领导人&意大利制造2.0.2.0 2019上海巡演主持人


Nicolas du Cray,

Partner at Cathay & Innovation/AngelVest member



Richard Chen,

Head of China at Vitruvian Partners

Vitruvian Partners中国区负责人


Calvin Ng,

Managing Partner at Plutus Ventures

Plutus Ventures 管理人


Annie Fan,

Managing Partner at Eagles Fund/AngelVest member



Sebastien Gaudin,

Founder at The CareVoice/Angelvest portfolio company



11:10 - 11:55

Scale-ups presentation



11:55 - 12:00

Closing speech


Michele Cecchi, the Italian General Consul in Shanghai

意大利驻上海总领事Michele Cecchi 


12:00 - 13:30

Networking Cocktails



13:30 - 17:00

1-2-1 meeting session





iStarter helps the best scale-up made in Italy to scale globally since 2012.

Completely private, with a capital of approximately Euro 2M, a portfolio of 20 ventures, over 40 projects accelerated, and Euro 12M in direct investments, iStarter was established by Equity Partners', Italian entrepreneurs and managers who believe in the potential of national innovators,and are ready to get involved .


InnoSpace is a community for entrepreneurs and startups, providing effective incubation and open innovation services. It encompasses cube for startup incubation, labs for industry acceleration, college for talent development, club for connecting entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts, and angel investment. As one of China’s pioneer ‘NewGenerationIncubator’, InnoSpace has nurtured close to 400 startups.

Shanghai Technology Innovation Center (STIC) 

Founded in 1988, Shanghai Technology Innovation Center is a non-profitable public science and technology service organization affiliated to Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality. STIC is responsible fora series of tech-SMEs policy implementation as well as technology transfer services and incubators coordinating. STIC has played as the supporting organization of STBIA (Shanghai Technology Business Incubation Association) , the leading organization of Shanghai IBI (International Business Incubator), the coordinating organization of EEN(Enterprise European Network) East China, the secretariat of AABI (Asian Association of Business Incubation).


Overseas Startup Gateway Programme(GATEWAY)

The Overseas Startup Gateway Programme has been initiated by Shanghai Technology Innovation Center in 2016 with the support of Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai Municipality. 31 accelerators and services providers have been carefully selected as the members. The GATEWAY network focuses on “internationalization” and “startups” ,helping overseas SMEs to land in China (Shanghai) and assisting local ones in going global.

This event is limited to investors only,please make sure you have received phonecall or email notification from the organizer before attending the event.


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