Chip Startups Demystified: Opportunities for Mass Innovation

Shanghai | Posted: 29 july 2021, number: 14768
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Anna Wu

Address: ShanghaiHuangpu distr., , Wework, 500 Guangdong Rd 广东路500号Wework

  • Date: 06,Aug,2021 
  • Time: 19:00-21:00 
Semiconductor chips are powering everything fromm cars, industries, cities and even governments. This trend is on an exponential trajectory thanks to complementary advances in AI, Big Data and 5G (which are also dependent on amply supply of critical chips). Chip independence has become a hot topic not just for corporations, industry associations but also for governments which now consider it a matter for national security and sovereignty.
When the stake are high, so are the opportunities, especially for the young to rise up to the challenge and create next generation technologies to build multi-billion dollar startups.
Come join us for an uplifting discussion around how to get into the chip Industry no matter what your starting point is. You will learn how to join this global open source movement to make chip design and manufacturing accessible to everyone with an idea, desire and commitment.
Various experts will be available to guide you through coaching, mentoring and advising along the way with tons on online resources so you can do it all on your own at your own pace.