CSS Components for beginners

Shanghai | Posted: 4 june 2020, number: 14437
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  • Date: 18,06,2020 
  • Time: 7pm 
** Disclaimer: You should have basic HTML and CSS knowledge to get the most out of this workshop. If you have been to one of our “Build a Landing Page in 2 hours” or “Introduction to HTML/CSS” workshops, this will be the perfect follow up.**注意:参与者需要对HTML和CSS有一些基本了解. 如果你曾经参加过我们的HTML/CSS工作坊,本节课就是一个进阶课程。CSS components are vital to building software or mobile apps of any kind in a quick and efficient manner. Be creating a “library” of your components you are able to reuse them across all of the screens of your application or website. Though there are many UI and component kits out there, with prefabricated code, we are teaching you how to code these components yourself, from scratch. Having this understanding will make you a stronger coder in the future!What you will learn:- Organize your CSS with component files.- Introduce useful CSS techniques- Live-code a maximum of cool componentsIn this workshop you will learn how to code and style various components of a UI library, including:AvatarCardButtonBanner...and morePre-requisites and equipment:Prior experience with HTML and CSS带自己的电脑Please bring your laptop请一定要用Google Chrome浏览器先下载好编辑器: (www.sublimetext.com)Please download and install Sublime Text editor on Google Chrome browser (www.sublimetext.com)