【Half Day Seminar】Complete Introduction to Accounting & Tax

Shanghai | Posted: 9 november 2021, number: 14824
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Address: ShanghaiJing'an distr., , Punchline café, 22nd floor, 1728 Nanjing Xi Lu, Jing 'an District,Shanghai PUNCHLINE CAFE

  • Date: 25,11,2021 
  • Time: 13:30-18:00 
All early-stage entrepreneurs and often experienced finance people experienced short of knowledge and operational experience in corporate accounting and tax. This time we will go deeply and completely fundamental knowledge and operational procedure of corporate accounting and tax. Registration: https://6444051761201.huodongxing.com/event/7621449955400Who should attend: Entrepreneurs and operational head.Topics:1. Introduction to Corporate structure and accounting.a) Legal structure of a company.b) Important information and hidden danger of newly established companies.c) Fundamental corporate finance and tax knowledge.d) Works and reports needed to maintain a running business.2. Introduction to Corporate tax and tax optimization.a) Common tax optimization schemes in the market.b) The risk of tax optimization scheme.c) Tax optimization for sustainability.d) The tax reimbursement is legal and compliant.e) Case sharing.3. Operational procedure and importance in the daily accounting.a) The routine accounting and tax procedure.b) Reimbursement procedure.c) Most common issue and misunderstanding on Fapiao.d) What is related or not related to accounting.e) Different consequences of overdue.