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27 march 2020

Introduction to Javascript

Shanghai | Posted: 29 september 2019, number: 13842

Introduction to Javascript

29 september 2019 234

Address: to be confirmed, Shanghai

Address: to be confirmed, Shanghai

  • Date: 30 October 2019 
  • Time: 7pm - 9pm 


**Registration required on Eventbrite** ->

Let's go through JavaScript core notions together. This programming language is very popular. It's been used by all web browsers for more than 15 years and every web developer will code some JS during his career. In addition to that, lots of cool JS frameworks were built recently, e.g React.js from Facebook or VueJS, (very) popular in China...

What you will learn:

- History and background

- Variables & Types

- Conditions

- Loops

- Functions

- Objects


- What is jQuery

- What is AJAX


Instructor: Pavel Liser

In China since 2014, Pavel has been leading a mobile app startup and later managing a recruitment agency in Shanghai. Hiring tech talent for top international companies got Pavel to dive into tech himself. Pavel has been working with Ruby on Rails, WeChat Mini Programs, as well as giving tech workshops to individuals and brands.

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