IPWS Thought Activator – The Dilemma of Self-promoting

Shanghai | Posted: 21 february 2019, number: 13128
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Hanghui Kang

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  • Date: March 27,2019 
  • Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm 
Join us for the March edition of our popular IPWS Thought Activator series! This month’s topic is The Dilemma of Self-promoting.
A Yale associate conducted a study where she had male and female test subjects conduct a mock job interview, during the interview they were asked questions that encouraged self-promotion. The outcome? Men were much better at this than women.
Women tend to attribute their success to a team effort, or add negative elements to their achievements, such as “I had a hard time at first, but then with the help of XX I did much better.”
Being able to speak about your achievements can contribute not only to personal success career-wise, but to your cause, your community and generations of women to come.
Each year, IPWS hosts the Women Leadership Awards (WLA). The WLA is the longest running international award in China for women leaders, and was the only such award for over a decade. The WLA recognises professional women who have emerged as leaders in their field. As leaders, these inspiring women (and since 2016, men supporting women) have made a marked difference in our community and have forged paths for others to follow.
To enter the awards, candidates are nominated by someone, or can apply themselves. Each year we speak to women who have made amazing contributions to their communities, organizations and industries, but yet do not feel they deserve an award. Sound familiar?
This month, we speak to Gabby Gabriel, Founder of Qmmunity, Writer of Shanghai Love Notes and 2018 IPWS Summit speaker, about the challenges many women face when it comes to self-promoting.
IPWS Thought Activator is a monthly series that connects people through meaningful conversations. The aim is to help you expand your network and more effectively make valuable connections by taking part in an informal, guided activity. Each event is centered around a specific theme, which attendees will reflect over in smaller groups, making it easy to get to know one another while gaining insight and perspective.
The themes for Thought Activator events range from topics that are too often not given the recognition or attention they deserve, to issues that are old and familiar, but in need of a fresh perspective. During the event, our Activator of the Month will introduce and share their expertise on the topic of the evening. Following the short presentation, attendees are encouraged to reflect on related questions, while networking throughout the evening.
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