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14 september 2020

Landing page in 2 hours

Shanghai | Posted: 18 march 2020, number: 14339

Landing page in 2 hours

18 march 2020 305

Address: Shanghai

Address: Shanghai

  • Date: 26,03,2020 
  • Time: 7pm 


***Scan the QR code or add WeChat ID: fiona_jyy to join the WeChat online learning group!

Code and design your landing page in only 2 hours! A very satisfying workshop where students will code and design their own landing page using HTML/CSS & the Twitter Bootstrap CSS library. We will also cover lots of design pro-tips to find icons, fonts, colours.

What you will learn:

HTML / CSS core notions

Lots of graphical tips and tools (fontawesome, Google Fonts, coolors, etc.)

Introduce Bootstrap and its responsive grid system

The next Wagon session will start on June 22nd - Aug 21st 2020. (see website

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Le Wagon team

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