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10 february 2020

Product Design 101

Shanghai | Posted: 17 january 2020, number: 14232

Product Design 101

17 january 2020 80

Address: WeWork The Trinity868 Changshou Road Shanghai 200060, 12 F, Shanghai, 200060, Shanghai

Address: WeWork The Trinity868 Changshou Road Shanghai 200060, 12 F, Shanghai, 200060, Shanghai

  • Date: 26 February 2020 
  • Time: 7pm - 9pm 


A sprint methodology to define and prototype the MVP you want to build. Through this workshop, you will to define your app's use case in a very clear way and find the angle that makes you different from competitors. You will also learn how to build an actual mockup then a prototype on marvelapp by connecting your different views.

What you will learn:

Determine the core user journey at the heart of a product

Zoning : the art of drawing rectangles to organize the info you display on each page. You can use Keynote, Sketch, or simply sheets of paper

Build a mockup and a prototype for your product

Instructor: Yu Xiang

Yuxiang is a vice president of Zaihui, a tech company serving catering business in 20 cities nationwide. He has 5+ years of experience in product development.


About Le Wagon Shanghai

Le Wagon Shanghai ( is a coding school for startups, creative people and tech entrepreneurs. Our 9-week Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp ( is designed for complete beginners or "half-beginners" who really want to dive into programming and, above all, change their mindset. Learn to think like a developer, consider issues with new insight, and become more autonomous thanks to these newly acquired abilities.The next Shanghai batch will start on February 10th and applications are open. (


About our Venue Partners:

WeWork The Trinity

Located at the junction of ChangShou Road and WuNing Road, WeWork The Trinity enjoys a convenient location with direct access to Metro Line 13 at Wuning Road Station, with a walking distance of only 200 meters. Situated near the bustling West Nanjing Road area, this space provides a variety of dining and leisure choices after work. Taking the inspiration from nature and combining it with Chinese style, our interior designers make the space a perfect one for client meeting, member communication and private events.

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