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7 april 2020

Workshop for Linkendln Beginners!

Shanghai | Posted: 10 october 2019, number: 13868

Workshop for Linkendln Beginners!

10 october 2019 405

Address: Shanghai We Work, 1 South Wuning Road, Near Wuding 3rd Floor, show map

Address: Shanghai We Work, 1 South Wuning Road, Near Wuding 3rd Floor,

  • Date: 15 October 2019 
  • Time: 7 PM to 9 PM 



Registration link:


You probably came to China to have better opportunities like most of us, but imagine for one second if you landed your DREAM job or client...

As an entrepreneur or professional, you want to get lots of clients and business, but the competition in Shanghai is CUTTHROAT.

How can you stand out from everyone else?

There’s 1 western social media platform that isn’t blocked in China—LinkedIn, which is the #1 business network...IN THE WORLD.

Maybe you’ve created a profile but never see results to get that job and those clients.

And it’s maybe because your profile was not actually OPTIMIZED.


But there’s good news. You can learn the secrets for making LinkedIn work for you and even generate income by doing the right things at the right time.


Then this workshop is for you! 0% theory, 100% practice.

You’ll even bring your own computer so we can do everything together, step by step.

In 2 hours, your LinkedIn profile will be totally optimized according to the current LinkedIn standards.

The return on investment after this workshop is the number of views on your profiles multiplied by 3!

If you want to get the big change you’ve always wanted, book your spot now!

Trainers: Julien Sicard & Tamar Hela, Co-Presidents of LinkedIn Local Shanghai

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