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Shanghai | Posted: 4 december 2020, number: 14601
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  • Employment: Full-time 
Marketing & Operation Executive for Wellness Fitness Studio
个性时尚健身工作室市场及运营执行: Job description
ABOUT AFit/ Ultimate Wellness Portal Fitness Center关于 AFITWe are a fitness studio that specializes in strength and conditioning, fat loss, nutrition, and wellness coaching. All our Sessions are designed by internationally certified trainers and nutrition coaches to work towards a well-conditioned and fully functional physique that is ready to face any challenge at any time.“The secret behind long-lasting results and overall well-being resides in the ability to effectively balance all aspects of our lives.”我们是一家整体健身、健康工作室,专门研究力量和身体状况、减肥以及营养和健康辅导。我们所有的课程均由有国际认证的培训师和营养教练设计,旨在祝您获得状态良好、功能健全的体质,随时准备面对任何挑战。“取得持久成果和全面健康的秘诀在于有效平衡我们生活各个方面的能力。”We are looking for Someone who is proactive, self-motivated, with good energy, interested and like area relate to fitness, wellness, healthy lifestyle. Good at or interested in developing ability in marketing, content marketing, activation, content creation.
Assist manager to host and prepare Events协助经理管理及预备活动Operation 运营执行Customer service 客户服务Research 调研Operational summary 运营小结Creating social media content for our self-media: wechat article, wechat posts, Instagram, FB, video log, etc.
创意并制作自媒体文字、设计及视频内容Taking pictures, videos 拍照,摄像,拍摄视频
Video Editing and content creation 视频剪辑,创意,社交媒体内容写作,制作
Wechat article and social media copy and content development 微信文章及海外社交媒体写作及视觉素材制作
Poster and Flyer design海报设计
Community activation 社群活动策划及组织
(location 地点:jing an静安)Requirements:
• Major in Marketing / Communication / Operation / or you are passionate about self-media content creation• You have good EQ, willing to help and support your team and customer• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Interest in content creation on different social media platforms
• Good learnability
• Proactive and outspoken
• Good level of English and Chinese We also welcome if you are a fitness trainer, with multiple skillsbilingual 双语 is preferred
Start working date:Sep, 2021Salary: discuss in person Learn more about the Fitness & Wellness Center: us via attached QR code or email:email: lishuye@ultimatewellnessportal.comWeChat: AFit-Studio