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9 november 2019

International CMO

Shanghai | Posted: 13 may 2019, number: 13416

International CMO

13 may 2019 567
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» People's Square | 人民广场
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» People's Square | 人民广场
  • Employment: Full-time 


ExpoPromoter is Worldwide №1 Expo Ticket and Booth Distributor.

ExpoPromoter has an exciting opportunity for a passionate overseas CMO to join our growing team in China.

Working from our local office in Shanghai or Hainan, you will collaborate with various teams across the company to develop our overseas marketing direction, including managing our internal marketing managers, building world partners' network and managing all other international marketing activities in the company.

The ideal candidate will have a background in managing international marketing teams and establishing affiliate marketing.

Job responsibilities:

1. Set marketing goals and objectives

2. Plan, implement and manage marketing strategy

3. Contribute to the overall growth of the company

4. Review and manage content marketing strategy

5. Determine KPIs for the marketing department

6. Keep the marketing budget in check

7. Track KPIs regularly and present reports

8. Work with sales and development and customer success teams

9. Create and present the annual marketing plan and strategy

10. Use data and reports to make evidence-based decisions

11. Analyze the company's marketing strategy and suggest improvements

12. Manage a team of Affiliate Executives, ensuring campaigns are kept within budget and maximum ROI is achieved

13. Design, plan and execute effective marketing campaigns


A candidate for this position must have had at least 3 years of working experience in a high-level marketing position for a business in a dynamic and highly competitive environment. The candidate will also need to demonstrate a well-rounded knowledge of the marketing industry, not only being skilled in a single discipline of marketing. He will also demonstrate vast experience in leadership and an ability to motivate and promote professional development of a cross-functional team, having led that team from the conceptualization of a marketing initiative to its successful completion.

A suitable candidate will also have had a proven and successful record in building brand awareness and portray a deep understanding of marketing principles, sales and business development, and product and service management.

A suitable candidate will also have advanced working experience dealing not only with online/modern but also affiliate marketing.

About the company:

ExpoPromoter is an online service for ticket and expo booth distribution at exhibitions in China with offices in London, Shanghai, Kiev, Sanya and has more than 50 employees. ExpoPromoter is part of ExpoPromo Group Ltd, a permanent member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). In 2017, ExpoPromoter participated in one of the world's largest business accelerators, Chinaccelerator, going on to become a statistical information source for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. The company is also now working with the government of the new Free Economic Zone of Hainan island on developing the exhibition industry in the region.

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