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Front End Developer

Shanghai | Posted: 12 november 2019, number: 13998

Front End Developer

Robin 8 12 november 2019 215
  • Employment: Full-time 


1. Familiar with various common cross-browser, cross-device issues

2. Has strong logic analysis ability, and has a deep research on the design concept and performance optimization of WEB front-end functional architecture.

3. Proficient in vue, vue-router, vuex, axios and vue-resource vue family buckets

4. Familiar with HTML5, CSS3 and ES6

5. Familiar with componentization and modularity, can develop business components based on infrastructure components

1. 熟悉各种常见跨浏览器、跨设备问题

2. 有很强的逻辑分析能力,对WEB前端功能架构的设计理念、性能优化有较深入的研究

3. 精通vue、vue-router、vuex、axios和vue-resource等vue全家桶

4. 熟练掌握HTML5、CSS3和ES6

5. 熟悉组件化和模块化,能根据基建组件开发业务组件

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