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20 november 2021

Senior Business Development Manager, Meta/

Shanghai | Posted: 24 may 2021, number: 14731

Senior Business Development Manager, Meta/

24 may 2021 901
  • Employment: Full-time 


Senior BD Manager for Meta/

Meta/ 资深大客户销售经理(电商直播行业)

About Meta/

Meta/ is a company that mainly does big data analysis and operation and artificial intelligence commercial program development for global brands. It integrates artificial intelligence and pioneering technology, reshapes brand creativity, breaks digital boundaries, and detonates growth. The current business spans New York, London, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and China, and provides services to customers such as Unilever, Louis Vuitton (LVMH), L'Oreal, Singapore Changi Airport, and Citibank. It is one of the leading forces in China's digital marketing strategy and development.


Job Responsibilities 岗位职责

1. Responsible for developing large enterprise-level customers who apply "e-commerce live broadcast business" and effectively promote sales opportunities;

2. Maintain effective communication with customers, explore customer needs in depth, and coordinate with the team to provide solutions;

3. According to the company's marketing strategy, promote product sales, complete business negotiations, contract signing, etc., and achieve sales tasks;

4. Exploring, expanding and tracking potential customers and business opportunities, sorting out and analyzing various channel information, and establishing files;

5. Establish long-term partnerships with customers, continue to meet customers' needs for the use of project products, and continue to develop new customer resources.



3、依照公司营销策略,推进产品销售 ,完成商务谈判,合同签订等,达成销售任务;


5、与客户建立长期伙伴关系, 持续满足客户对项目产品的使用需求, 并持续开拓新客户资源

Requirements 任职要求

1. Understand and be familiar with the field of "e-commerce live broadcast", and have certain "e-commerce live broadcast" customer resources;

2. Experience in sales of SaaS products and sales of major customers (corporate customers);

3. Have clear thinking, keen judgment, good service awareness and coordination skills, and excellent business negotiation skills;

4. Love sales work, good at market expansion and customer development, strong resistance to pressure, and the pursuit of success;





How To Apply 职位申请


WeChat: 13391262169

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