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Not found - "" Backend developer

Shanghai | Posted: 18 september 2019, number: 13811
#13811 Backend developer

Edugo AI 18 september 2019 780
  • Employment: Full-time 


Job description

* Edugo is looking for an enthusiastic backend developer to join a small, fast-growing, international startup in Shanghai. The candidate will work as a core developer and his/her work will have life-changing impact to thousands of language learners around the world.


* work with international team from Italy, China, Germany, Moldovia and Korea.

*be part of the Wework Labs global network and access to community and perks.

*office has free beer, coffee and tea.

*lunch is included.


* Participate in product discussions by giving input on the technical aspects.

* Architect and design complex backends spawning dozens of microservices and hundreds of APIs.

* Manage trade-offs between iterating quickly and maintaining a scalable codebase.

* Research and select new frameworks, tools, external APIs to deliver new features and improving existing ones.

* Code, code, code.


* 3+ years of professional experience in backend development

* Proficient in at least one backend language such as node.js, python, java, go, ruby, PHP

* Proficient with relational databases (MySQL/PostgreSQL) and at least one ORM.

* Proficient with Git

* Proficient with Docker

* Experience in using a cloud provider such as Alibaba Cloud, AWS, etc...

* Experience in using a messaging queue or messaging broker such as RabbitMQ, Kafka, etc...

Plus to have

* Experience in contributing to open source projects

* Experience in designing and implementing a microservices architecture

* Experience working with TDD/BDD, CI/CD

* Experience in writing API documentation using tools such as Swagger

* Experience with NLP and deep learning frameworks such as Tensorflow or PyTorch

* Experience with frontend, or mobile development

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