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Wingle Consulting Group is Looking For Investment Analyst

Shanghai | Posted: 13 march 2019, number: 13180

Wingle Consulting Group is Looking For Investment Analyst

Wingle Group Electronics 13 march 2019 202
  • Employment: Full-time 


Investment Analyst.

Position Description and Responsibilities: 

- Analysis of investment projects and evaluation of its economic attractiveness;

- Building financial models; Analysis of markets and trends, competitors, new technologies, etc .;

- Calculation of financial and economic efficiency and prospect development of portfolio companies;

- Conducting negotiations;

- Preparation of presentations and analytical reports for projects;

- The economic rationale for the proposed solutions, risk analysis;

- Development of documentation for investment committees, business plans, memorandums, etc;

- Participation in conducting presentations and protecting projects in front of the company management and members of the committees.

Basic Requirements:

- Higher financial or economic or technical education;

- Fluent English;

- Experience in an investment company or venture capital fund in a position of Junior Analyst / Analyst;

- Analytical skills for investment projects ;

- Experience in building financial models from "zero" and calculating indicators of investment attractiveness;

- Experience in preparing presentations;

- Experience in the preparation of information materials: letters, references, analytical reports, etc.

- Understanding of management and accounting reports;

- Extensive knowledge of finance and M & A;

- Developed communication skills;

- Ability to work in multitasking;

- Ability and desire to work in a team;

- Willingness to work with irregular schedule;

- Motivation for development in the investment business.

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Wingle Group Electronics
Wingle is a business platform that facilitates mutually beneficial co-operation between organization...
s involved in the personal electronics, health care and electronic consumer industry. Our team is involved in a variety of business projects with multiple partners from the personal electronics, health care and innovation research industry. Our multidisciplinary, decentralized project teams specialize in making connections with and between companies together to drive value through integrated business projects and management. Found in 2010
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