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18 september 2021

Assistant Studio Managing, Marketing Intern

Shanghai | Posted: 22 december 2020, number: 14622

Assistant Studio Managing, Marketing Intern

22 december 2020 990
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» Jiangsu Road | 江苏路
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/ Line 11
» Jiangsu Road | 江苏路
  • Employment: Full-time 


We are a fitness studio that specializes in strength and conditioning, fat loss, nutrition, and wellness coaching. All our Sessions are designed by internationally certified trainers and nutrition coaches to work towards a well-conditioned and fully functional physique that is ready to face any challenge at any time.

Beyond that, we are a highly diversified international community, our Chinese members and foreign members from all over the world are all part of our close-knit community.

If you are open-minded, outgoing, self-motivated, willing to influence others in a positive attitude toward life, but also willing to accept the challenge, step out of your comfort zone, welcome you to join our big family! Here you will get to know our team and members from different industries and diversified cultural background. You are going to help them and also help yourself to gain a healthier lifestyle, and have more vitality, gain confidence and grow!

We believe in: The secret behind long-lasting results and overall well-being resides in the ability to effectively balance all aspects of our lives.






实习生职位描述(Intern job description):

- Community activation 社群活动策划及组织

- Customer service 客户服务

- Operational summary 运营小结

- Taking pictures, videos 拍照,摄像,拍摄视频

- Social media content creation and posting发布社交媒体内容

- Event organization

(location 地点:jing an静安)


Requirements of the candidates候选人须具备的条件:

- Fluent in both English and Chinese英语水平中等或更好,必须会说并愿意提高中文

- Be able to work under pressure, outgoing, willing to talk to strangers在压力下保持精力充沛,性格外向,愿意与陌生人交谈

- Open minded, willing to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds开放包容的心态,愿意与来自不同文化背景的人沟通

-Have your own laptop拥有自己的电脑

-A university student is preferred希望你是在校学生


We will provide you with我们将提供给你:

- A highly diversified, international working environment国际化的工作氛围

- Fitness classes and nutrition guides, boost your confidence and energy 免费的健身课程和营养指导,帮助你更自信有活力
(value monthly RMB1788)

- Insight in Chinese social media对中文社交媒体的洞察和熟练使用能力

- Cross-cultural communication experience中西方跨文化沟通经历

工作时间:兼职 part time (3 days a week minimum)

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