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Shanghai | Posted: 12 july 2021, number: 14754


AdvaCare 12 july 2021 287
  • Employment: Full-time 


Our IT Department is currently seeking an IT Systems Support Manager to join our young, dynamic international team based in Putuo, Shanghai (near Jingan border).

The Department Structure

IT Department is organized in 3 main areas:

1. Business Applications

2. Infrastructure

3. IT Operations

The Role and Responsibilities

Your main focus will be building, maintaining and improving current IT processes and systems. This role will require good troubleshooting skills, interest in learning how to make IT facilitate better efficiency, and an interest in being part of a young, dynamic company with great possibility for growth.

Each area mentioned previously will demand different roles and responsibilities.

The core responsibilities of the role include:

• Install and configure software and hardware, manage network servers and technology tools, set up accounts and workstations

• Troubleshoot issues and outages

• IT Project Management

• Strong website development skills

• Ensure security through access controls, backups and firewalls

• Develop expertise to train staff on new technologies

• Other IT or non-IT related tasks for Marketing Dept. (depending on the interests and capabilities of the person)

The Experience, Knowledge & Skills

• Proven experience as a System Administrator, Network Administrator

• Operating Systems required for Sys Administration: LINUX and Windows skills

• Cloud computing knowledge in AWS and Google Cloud

• Versioning control in GIT preferable

• Web server models Apache, NGINX

• Experience with databases MySQL, PostgreSQL

• Knowledge of system security (e.g. intrusion detection systems) and data backup/recovery

• Ability to use programming languages: Python (read only), JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS

• Website administration: WordPress, basic project management, SEO

• Basic spoken English

• Goal oriented and self-motivated, ability to recognize weaknesses in current systems and processes.

• Experience or interest in IT-related/technical aspects of Marketing a plus.

Desirable Experience

We understand that some of the skills described above might require some time to learn. But in order to be successful in this role, you will need to be quickly understand current systems, troubleshoot and resolve incidents and to be able to clearly and confidently explain issues and shortfalls to non-technical people. As you will be working with minimal supervision and guidance, the ability to take initiative where required to find IT solutions is required.

Please contact:

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AdvaCare is a different kind of pharmaceutical and healthcare products company. We are an American m...
anaged company focusing on the developing world. Working with the highest levels of government and local distributors alike, we aim to not only expand our business scale and scope but also have a special interest in serving the needs of the end consumer that requires our products the most. To this end, we have a presence in 4 continents with an expanding product range to meet the demand of our main markets.
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