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9 december 2019

Internship at headhunting firm

Shanghai | Posted: 7 november 2018, number: 12509

Internship at headhunting firm

7 november 2018 777
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» Xinzha Road | 新闸路
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» Xinzha Road | 新闸路
  • Employment: Internship 


Internship in Head Hunting Firm

Once in a lifetime learning + experiencing opportunity! Our flagship Internship program (we call it Cat A) is known to be one of the best in the market, with challenging tasks and international working
environment. The quality of the knowledge and experiences to be available for learning here during this short period (six months) are truly topnotch and rare. Those in-house training classes/teachings
alone make over 500 hours. It’s like an intensive business training camp with the aim of advancing a young person into his/her next level. Recruitment is always the most interesting subject among all –
about the evolving and cunning humans. This program will also touch upon the concept of people management (above, below, side and external) that you will learn – something extremely useful for
your career/life in the next twenty years, no matter which company or industry you will be at.

About us:
THE JACE-KELLY Leadership Acquisitions (hereafter “TJK”) is the only executive recruitment consulting firm that specializes in sophisticated and charming executives. TJK offers a one-of-a-kind strategic partnering service to those companies that seek for a greater success in China. Already a successful business (growing at high double digits each year for the past five years), we work very closely with some of the most successful MNCs in consumer sectors, private equity, banking and so on, winning big in China.
To know more about our company, please visit our website on

1.    In-house recruitment, including resume screening, phone interview and face to face candidate interview
2.    Assist consultant to do research and analysis of candidates. Responsible for the daily discipline, attendance and performance appraisal, HR issues such as promotion.
3.    Responsible for receiving visitors, answering/transferring phone calls correctly, recording and delivering messages
4.     Responsible for arranging the meeting rooms and providing related conference services (such as equipment, cleaning management, etc.)
5.     Participating in one special business project, such as PR, litigation, consulting, best practice
6.    Learning new businesses and industries and testing yourself through challenging tests and experiences with real-life cases

 Knowledge and skills you will get from this internship:
1.    Intern training, more understanding of the industry and the position
2.    The success formula of both small businesses as well as big MNCs winning in China.
3.     A complete recruitment business cycle
4.    Grow your own Guanxi (i.e. people connections) into a forest.
5.     Persuasion. Driving people do what they don’t usually do.
6.    Hearts reading. Discovering what a hiring manager truly wants

1.    You need to be excellent in both written and oral English
2.    You have to be a skilled communicator, or have a passion for people
3.     You must be responsible, proactive and self-motivated
4.    You must be able to work under pressure
5.    Compulsory: available a minimum of 5 working days per week, for a period of 6 months

You can send your CV and a cover letter, describing one of your proudest moments and one of your failures

You can also contact me on this platform if you have any more questions about this position.

Thank you



THE JACE-KELLY Leadership Acquisitions

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