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31 january 2019

Internship in a headhunting firm in Shanghai!

Shanghai | Posted: 4 january 2019, number: 12904

Internship in a headhunting firm in Shanghai!

4 january 2019 92
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» Xinzha Road | 新闸路
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» Xinzha Road | 新闸路
  • Employment: Internship 


Internship in a headhunting firm in Shanghai!

The Jace-Kelly Leadership acquisitions has created probably the most comprehensive and professional internship orientation program available in the Chinese marketplace. You'll have a rare opportunity to try out and experience most aspects of leadership acquisitions before one day (can be years afterwards) you make up your mind joining our business as a permanent staff member and becoming a master.

By joining us you will have the opportunity to explore business in China while experiencing from one of the most dynamic cities in the world, Shanghai. You will develop your cross-cultural management, negotiation capabilities and many other soft skills which will make you growth both professionally and personally.

Knowledge and skills you will get from this internship:

1.Intern training, more understanding of the industry and the position

2.The success formula of both small businesses as well as big MNCs winning in China.

3.A complete recruitment business cycle

4.Grow your own Guanxi (ie people connections) into a forest.

5.Persuasion. Driving people do what they don’t usually do.

6.Hearts reading. Discovering what a hiring manager truly wants.


1. You need to be excellent in both written and oral English

2. You have to be a skilled communicator, or have a passion for people

3. You must be responsible, proactive and self-motivated

4. You must be able to work under pressure

5. Compulsory: Available a minimum of 5 working days per week, for a period of 5 to 6 months.

Paid Internship: The amount of subsidy we give will help your meals and transportation, but will not cover your entire living cost.

 If you are interested in further information please send your CV.

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