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18 january 2020

Business Development Associate

Shanghai | Posted: 22 july 2019, number: 13643

Business Development Associate

22 july 2019 484
Line 7
» Changping Road | 昌平路
Line 7
» Changping Road | 昌平路
  • Employment: Full-time 


We're looking for smart and tech savvy folks to help figure out how we can help our clients.

It sucks to be selling stuff people don’t need…

Spending evenings at random networking events pitching a product you don’t believe in to clients you don’t like?

How about you stop doing that?

The best teams in the world at Apple, Nike and Burberry come to us to create premium digital products in China and abroad. Our apps are used by tens of millions of people.

We have a great culture that values trust, ownership and personal growth.

What you’ll do:

You will help figure out how we can help our partners & create opportunities for our team. Think long term partnerships with premium brands working on their core digital experience.

We’re rapidly growing on two fronts: services (consulting, design, tech & data work) and subscription with our own proprietary software.

On a day-to-day you will:

Help create strategies and proposals for our clients. This is a creative role. You will work with clients to understand their needs and create a digital strategy in collaboration with designers and engineers.

Create more business opportunities. **Our sales are 100% inbound**: people come to us. We grow by being good actors in the digital field and through offline events, word of mouth and online marketing.

Help grow and improve the team. There is still a lot of room for our team to grow on the business, marketing and consulting fronts. We hope you’ll help us get there.

We are looking for someone who:

Has experience with business or sales. Ideally, you’ve already worked in business development or sales before and know how to structure an efficient business/sales team.

Is hungry and wants to win. While our current sales pipeline is very solid, we want to get to the next stage. You’ll work directly with our CEO and will need a “get things done” attitude.

Loves technology and design. We create digital solutions for premium brands and organize creative events with communities of thousands (like the UI/UX Conf).

Is interested in marketing & automation. We believe inbound marketing and automation strategies (e.g. drip campaigns, automated email follow ups…) is the way to go.

Is transparent and wants to learn. We’re constantly learning new things, challenging each other and discussing things in the open.

Values trust and good work. We do not negotiate on quality and are focusing on long term partnerships with clients of similar values.

FYI, we prefer to pay fair salaries over sales commissions but are open to discussing it. We believe this helps align business incentives with the goals or needs of our team and customers.

About Wiredcraft

Wiredcraft is a full-stack digital agency based in Shanghai, Shenzhen & Berlin. We’re technologists, creatives and strategists helping the largest brands in the world design, create & grow digital solutions that impact millions of people.

Our clients include Starbucks, Google, Walmart, Apple, Hilton, Dior, the World Bank & the United Nations.

Learn more about our company and how we work on our playbook:

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