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English pre-sales

Shanghai | Posted: 28 december 2020, number: 14624

English pre-sales

xixilab 28 december 2020 1056
  • Employment: Full-time 


UPDATED: March 3rd

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for introducing products to customers by phone, exploring customer needs, inviting customers to the store, and other pre-sales support;
  2. Cooperate with sales staff to negotiate with customers, analyze customer needs, and put forward suggestions;
  3. Timely feedback market analysis data from industry, market, user demand, competitors and other aspects, and provide suggestions for the company's market direction and etc.;

Job Requirements:

  1. College degree or above, 1-2 years of pre-sales consulting and telemarketing experience
  2. Strong sense of responsibility, clear thinking, rigorous work, strong time management ability;
  3. Good teamwork spirit, good at communication, strong learning ability;
  4. Self-driven, able to complete work independently with less guidance;
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xixilab was founded by an international team on a mission to help improve smiles. We believe first i...
mpressions matter and that a confident smile conveys a powerful positive image. By partnering with innovative dentists, labs, and manufacturers, we’re able to provide top quality products at affordable prices.
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