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Sales Partner

Shanghai | Posted: 3 december 2019, number: 14107

Sales Partner

EducateAI 3 december 2019 1680
  • Employment: Part-time 


EducateAI is a for-profit AI training consultancy which facilitates updated enterprise sessions, offline and online boot camps for graduates looking to pursue a professional role in Machine learning/AI. Because the AI industry is premature and growing at a fast rate we help our stakeholders grasp main concepts by focusing on their direct area of application. Our courses are curated from multiple sources emphasizing on latest technologies and industry practices. 

Our culture encourages diversity in those that represent the key philosophies of AI. Similarly, our learning community is made up of representatives of varying disciplines i.e. arts, medicine, humanities… this creates a rich pool of ideas and perspectives that aid discovery and knowledge application in Artificial intelligence themes to improve and solve humanities challenges. This is why we EducateAI. By this token we expect to work with like-minded individuals who are not only enthusiastic to change the world but to also change their world by growing with EducateAI 


Description of Role

This role will primarily consist of sales related duties and tasks. As a sales partner, you will engage in the following:

¥ Client sourcing/prospecting

¥ Coordinate and lead the sales team, partners/affiliate.

¥ Prospect, pitch, and sell different training programs for corporates.

¥ Maintain rapport with business development, marketing teams and strategic partners

¥ Manage tasks, timelines, and activities related to sales strategies 

¥ Generate revenue growth and Increase market penetration and share;

¥ Obtain the best financial results possible

¥ Research, develop, analyze, suggest new solutions for sales challenges, and source clients for Corporate


The Ideal candidate will also be able to/have:

¥ Write weekly sales reports on sales processes, challenges, trends, and closing status

¥ Develop and execute marketing and events strategy for the Corporate Innovation Department.

¥ Build a sales team and navigate a well-planned sales strategy 

¥ You are a Native Mandarin Speaker; proficient in English is a necessary bonus.

¥ A Bachelors/Master’s degree in Sales/Marketing related position with at least 4 years proven working experience in a sales related position

  Qualifications & Qualities  

¥ You are interested in Tech, Innovation, and AI.

¥ You are a strong communicator and have fantastic relationship-building skills.

¥ Previous experience at a startup, corporate, or in sales is preferred, but not necessary.

¥ You are willing to spend extra time for meeting, networking, documentation, business trips and more.

¥ You are hard-working, enthusiastic, and ambitious. You like to see your work produce tangible results,

¥ and you take the initiative to make a difference!

¥ You are well-organized, have strong self-management skills and the ability to sort through and adeptly

¥ process works of various importance and urgency levels.

¥ You are self-motivated and have the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

Additional Information

¥ Location: Shanghai & Beijing 

¥ Positions available: 2

¥ Weekly commitment: 24 hours per week 

¥ Compensation package and benefits are negotiable based on experience

¥ Start Date: January


Please attach your Resume and at least one reference

• Instead of a cover letter, please answer the following questions:

1. What is the importance of artificial intelligence, in contributing to a better future for humanity? 

2. In your opinion do you believe that AI is necessary for every industry? Should the technology be limited to a few key areas?

3.What do you believe is the future of AI? 

(Please keep your responses short and concise within ~50 words per response)

We will be evaluating applications as they are submitted. Thank you.

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A provider of AI education intended to help coders to become hired AI practitioners
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