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Developer Advocate

Shanghai | Posted: 11 august 2020, number: 14501

Developer Advocate

ZILLIZ 11 august 2020 838
Line 9
» Caohejing Hi-Tech Park | 漕河泾开发区
Line 9
» Caohejing Hi-Tech Park | 漕河泾开发区
  • Employment: Full-time 


About us:

With the vision of Reinventing Data Science, Zilliz was founded in 2017 by a team of data practitioners committed to building cutting-edge data infrastructure to help enterprises navigate today’s big data challenges.

At Zilliz, we embrace open-source technologies. We are the initiator and major contributor of Milvus, an open-source vector similarity search engine designed to help companies conduct high-speed analysis and search for massive-scale vectors to accelerate AI applications. Zilliz is a premier member of LF AI Foundation and has received an investment of over $15M from top-notch VCs.

About the job:

Zilliz Developer Advocates are experts and entertaining Zilliz technologists with the following mission: help our users fully leverage the features of Milvus to build various data science / deep learning applications. You might think Milvus is simple "bit buckets", good for little more than reading and writing rows of vectors, with all the interesting and important work done in the application layer. However, Milvus is packed full of features that can greatly simplify application development, while at the same time providing better performance. These features include Python / JAVA / Go SDK, Restful API, Dockerlized deployment, K8S manageable clustering, truly open source community and so much more.

Zilliz seeks a Developer Advocate with expertise in data science / deep learning solution development. As a Developer Advocate, you'll be working closely with our users and become the voice them. We gather feedback to shape the product to become what it needs to be.

This is the perfect role if you are: 

· Not just developers yourselves

Developer Advocates should have backgrounds in software development, contribute to Open Source or so. Should be able to tell when a product is or isn’t easy to use and also know how to fix it. This involves all of the usual development activities like architecture, design, implementation, testing, and debugging. Resulting in tools that make it easier to use our products like SDKs, code examples, tutorials, and solution prototypes because making our products easy to use is the most important thing we can do to help our fellow developers.

· Perpetual learners

Developer Advocates will spend much of their time learning new things. Not only is it our job to learn at the conferences we attend, but we take experimentation seriously: from the obscure to the popular. We’re not only leveraging our network for answers, but we’re also learning right alongside you.

· Love documentation

Developer Advocates not only love the docs, but you also help write them. Documentation can make or break our product. When a developer is using our product for the first time, they’re going to start with the docs. The documents you wrote are one of the first experiences a developer will have with our product and, to get them to stick around, on-boarding needs to be painless. To ease that pain, you produce things like getting started guides, prototype tutorials, and detailed code examples.

· Not afraid of public speaking

As a Developer Advocate, public speaking is something you have to be comfortable with. There’s an art to explaining highly technical concepts in a way that anyone can understand and you need to be able to articulate why your product and its ecosystem are the best places for them to invest their time and energy.

· Care deeply about the Users

Developer Advocates are always on — we engage with developer communities outside of conferences and do so by writing blog posts, leaving comments, answering questions, videos, podcasts, participating in slack channels, wechat groups, or tweets. Then, of course, there are updates to GitHub, LinkedIn, and StackOverflow. However you choose to broadcast information, you need to have a reliable feedback loop. We need to be able to get feedback from our users consistently.


  • Create code samples highlighting compelling use cases to inspire and rally the community through education and demos.
  • Create blogs, guides, examples, tutorials, demos, videos, etc, and then promote them via social media, speaking at conferences and meetups, and more to nurture our user community.
  • Advocate for developers internally and externally to provide input to the product team on roadmap requirements to maximize our user experience and product development.
  • Define and implement a community strategy to engage technical stakeholders at current, future, and potential EP customers and partners. Drive the growth of our user community.
  • Improve and standardize the experience for all Milvus developers, providing education and guidance on best practices.


  • Computer science/software engineering or related majors, bachelor degree or above;
  • Strong hands-on ability, the following experience is preferred:
  • Proficiency in Python, at least one year of development experience.
  • Familiar with common databases, such as MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, etc., have actual development experience
  • Understand the data science ecosystem and related deep learning technologies, such as Hadoop, ElasticSearch, Cassandra, Rapids, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Sklearn, BigDL, Caffee, Spark, etc.
  • Can use Linux operating system for development and maintenance
  • If you have a GitHub address and a technical blog address, you can provide it
  • Have good writing skills, excellent communication, collaboration skills, time management skills and the ability to solve complex problems;
  • Team awareness, proactive work, a strong sense of responsibility, can effectively promote the completion of the project.
  • Experience scaling outreach globally.

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With the vision of Reinventing Data Science, Zilliz was founded in 2017 by a team of data practition...
ers committed to building cutting-edge data infrastructure to help enterprises navigate today’s big data challenges. At Zilliz, we embrace open-source technologies. We are the initiator and major contributor of Milvus, an open-source vector similarity search engine designed to help companies conduct high-speed analysis and search for massive-scale vectors to accelerate AI applications. Zilliz is a premier member of LF AI Foundation and has received an investment of over $15M from top-notch VCs.
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