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2 april 2020

Frontend Developer

Shanghai | Posted: 8 november 2019, number: 13981

Frontend Developer

8 november 2019 1248
Line 10
» Shanghai Library | 上海图书馆
Line 10
» Shanghai Library | 上海图书馆
  • Employment: Full-time 


Livecom is a mature SAAS application for businesses, specialized in offering a multi-channel customer service. Some of those channels are : Web Chat, WeChat, APP Chat, E-mail, Phone, WhatsApp, FB messenger and Instagram.

Being a full-sized project (around 220'000 lines of Java code), its design follows all the major conventions and good practices of large-scale applications, such as design patterns (facade, singletons, factories), concurrency, etc.

If your interest is more backend-oriented, these are some of the technologies that we use most often:

- servlet architecture (jsp/gateways)

- concurrency (Synchronization, Runnables, Schedulers, Futures, etc.)

- hibernate (ORM)

- facades

On the other side, the front-end represents a huge part of the Livecom application, both in terms of size as well as the responsibility that it has as the customer facing. Moreover, given the server-client architecture, a lot of the backend development must start from a good knowledge of the frontend part and its technologies, how the fetched data is going to be displayed, etc.

The core part of the frontend is all written in Javascript. Recently, we have started using some other frontend frameworks.

A review of basic HTML and CSS is also advised, as you will have to use it in some way almost on a daily base.

- For this reason, if you are interested in exploring some of the new shiny frontend technologies out there, and see their application in a production environment, you can start checking out a few frameworks of your choice, such as Angular (1 or 2), ReactJS, Vue, etc.

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