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iOS Senior Developer

Shanghai | Posted: 22 february 2021, number: 14660

iOS Senior Developer

Coderbunker 22 february 2021 202
  • Employment: Freelance / Project 


Company Introduction:

We are a global experiential agency, operating with a single-minded belief that any brand is not built around what you say – it is in the memories and experiences co-created with its customers. A great experience does not focus exclusively on above or below the line, nor online to offline executions. Great experiences encourage people to engage with brands in a context that is relevant and timely to them – truly placing them in the center of it all. We believe a collaborative, creative, and pro-active culture of great thinkers is paramount to success. Always willing to go above and beyond to deliver joy to people interacting with our work, while delivering groundbreaking and excellent work for our clients.

We are firm believers that a title and expected delivery does not define someone. Collaboration is key to our team’s success, pooling together our various expertise and experiences from all walks of life. Be creative. Be quizzical. Be quirky. Spark joy in the hearts of many. Be you.

Location​: Jing’an, Shanghai

Duration​: Long Term

Project Context​: Digital Production team (Developers and Producers), Creative Team

Job Description

Be comfortable with the iOS swift coding language, using Apple’s official SDK and third-party libraries. Collaborate with the technology team to maintain/extend an existing iOS project. Take ownership of this last one to ensure milestone deliveries meet project requirements and expectations.


1. Become accountable for an existing long-term project

  • Be comfortable evaluating project requirements (effort by resources, dependencies, etc...)
  • Provide effort and time estimation for development work required
  • Extend/refactor existing/previous work into newly requested features
  • Day-to-day task execution, testing, and delivery of milestones respecting in-place workflows and timelines
  • Raise and handle roadblocks by providing mitigation/solution plan

2. Grow into a technical iOS specialist

  • Proficient in native iOS development (Swift 5.1)
  • Extensive knowledge of software engineering to support iterative and incremental development
  • Familiarity with web services and API integrations (RESTful API integration using Alamofire, etc.)
  • Ability to find suitable iOS 3rd party libraries to ease development time (SnapKit, Moya, etc.)
  • Understand the functional reactive programming paradigm (RxSwift, Combine, ReactiveSwift, etc.)
  • Maintain code integrity, documentation related to your project

3. Envision backend coding

  • Progressively expand your skillset into a full-stack developer
  • Covering knowledge of API principles to extend backend systems using NodeJS Stack
  • Ability to collaborate with backend developers to create/extend business logic features


  • Solutions-focused; creative / lateral thinker
  • Calm under pressure
  • Multi-tasker with effective time management skills

Understand the following design patterns:

  • MVC
  • MVVM

Proficiency with the following tools:

  • Xcode
  • Git
  • Zeplin
  • Trello
  • Cocoapods

Coding Language:

  • Swift/Objective C (must)
  • Node.js (optional)
  • iOS Frameworks/3rd parties libraries
  • Alamofire
  • Curry
  • Dollar
  • Moya
  • Pop
  • Realm
  • RxSwift (a plus)
  • SnapKit

Tech enthusiast

Proficient English speaker

Apply now
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