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17 june 2020

Quality Assurance

Shanghai | Posted: 20 december 2019, number: 14162

Quality Assurance

20 december 2019 2460
Line 10
» Longbai Xincun | 龙柏新村
Line 10
» Longbai Xincun | 龙柏新村
  • Employment: Internship 


Type: Spring Semester Fellowship (from Jan 2020 to July 2020)

          Summer Fellowship (10 weeks in total in June – August)

Division/Report Line:

Technology Team

What will you do?

You will ensure that alpha (pre-release) and beta (first release) web-based applications meet basic standards of functionality and UI/UX consistency. You will work side by side with our software engineers performing manual testing and in-browser debugging.

The opportunities you will have:

 You will work in an international environment with a diverse team.

 You will know about the full life cycle of software development and play a key role in part to make sure it functions well.

 You will practice your language skills including Chinese and English, and also Italian or Hindi if you want.

The qualification you should have:

1. You should have a basic understanding of web-based applications

2. You should be familiar with Javascript, HTML5, AJAX development principles

3. Knowing PHP, and the principles of UI / UX design would be a plus.

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